Franchisee Satisfaction Awards: The Gold Standard in Franchising

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About the Awards

Since 2006, Franchise Business Review has been recognizing excellence in franchising with the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards. Our awards are considered the gold standard in franchising.

Each year, we survey thousands of franchise owners across North America to determine their levels of satisfaction with their franchise brand. We compile a list of the top franchisees each year based on our Franchisee Satisfaction Index and publish a ranking of the top franchise opportunities based exclusively on owner satisfaction.

Only franchises that survey with us and have high enough franchisee satisfaction results receive a Franchisee Satisfaction Award. 

Why Should You Enter?  

  • Opportunities for lead generation and recruitment
  • Third-party recognition to speed validation
  • Broad media and PR exposure
  • Industry recognition as a strategic thought-leader
  • Your benchmark ranking
  • Distribution of our reports at franchise expos throughout the year and online

Participation in our research is FREE and completely confidential.

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Find out how you can boost profitability and performance with FBR franchisee satisfaction research.

What Does It Mean to Win a Franchisee Satisfaction Award?

The brands that make up Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises each year are more than just award winners. They’re the brands that support and train their franchisees and care enough to ask them what they really think.

Of all the franchisees we survey each year, only the very best make it onto our awards list.

Even more important than the brands on our annual awards list are the brands that aren’t. A franchise can’t buy its way onto our list through sponsorship or advertising dollars, and it’s not about the size of the system is or how fast it’s growing. What matters is performance and we measure it the only true way you can – by surveying the satisfaction of franchisees.

We have won a ton of awards throughout the whole seven years we have been franchising–Entrepreneur magazine, Inc., etc–but the one we really look for the most is yours.

Chuck Bongiovanni, CEO, Care Patrol