Media Spokespeople

Looking for insightful commentary for your next story on the franchise industry? Speak with Franchise Business Review’s leadership.

Eric Stites, CFE

CEO and Managing Director

[email protected]

Eric leads FBR’s research and consultants with clients in the area of franchise performance. He is an active member of the International Franchise Association (IFA), serves on the IFA’s VetFran and Franchise Relations Committees, and speaks frequently on topics related to franchise relations and best practices in franchising. He was recently featured in articled by CNBC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Money, QSR magazine, and more, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events including IFA Convention, International Franchise Expos, New England Franchise Association, National Restaurant Association, and Quinnipiac University.

Michelle Rowan, CFE

President and COO

[email protected]

Michelle is the president of FBR, chair of the International Franchise Association Women’s Franchise Committee, and a Certified Franchise Executive. She serves on the IFA’s Women’s Franchise Committee and Leadership Conference Task Force, facilitated CEO Performance Groups and Executive Networking Groups, and is also a mentor of UNH college students. She speaks regularly at conferences and events, including IFA Convention, Springboard, Franchise Expo West, and more.


To set up an Interview, contact:

Ali Forman

Marketing Director

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