23 07, 2018

4 Franchise Development Budget Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Despite the seemingly endless meetings and ensuing headaches that accompany budget planning, there’s no escaping it. To make this year’s planning a little easier for you, we’ve put together the four most common budgeting mistakes that franchise marketing and development teams tend to make, along with ways to fix them.

5 06, 2018

How to Convert More Calls to Franchise Applications

Today’s franchise candidates are coming into the development process more educated than ever before, and savvy franchisors understand that the importance of an effective first call with a candidate has never been greater. The good news is that advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI)– specifically phone call speech-to-text and natural language processing – can unlock opportunity from these conversations to improve results in first-call conversion, and carve out a bigger piece of the shrinking pie of qualified candidates.

18 05, 2018

6 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand with Franchisee Satisfaction Data

With the proliferation of franchises, it can make it even more difficult for a brand to differentiate itself to potential buyers. Franchisee satisfaction is what can set your brand apart. Candidates want to know what it’s like to be part of your system, and when you can show that your franchisees are happy and would do it all over again, you send a powerful message that your brand is committed to their success. Learn six ways to use franchisee satisfaction data to capture more leads and close more deals.

6 03, 2018

How Crunch Fitness Sold 900 Units in 8 Years and Became a Best-in-Category Franchise

FBR’s CEO, Eric Stites, recently talked with Crunch’s CEO and Founding Partner, Ben Midgeley, about fanchisee-franchisor relationships, being “unamazonable”, and creating a culture of listening.

13 02, 2018

10 Tips and Tricks to Crush Your Franchise Recruitment Goals With Data Storytelling

Sales is all about storytelling: Connecting with your audience on a human level. And while data - cold hard numbers - may not seem like it gives your audience the warm and fuzzies, data is actually a powerful storytelling tool. These tips and tricks will show you how to leverage franchisee satisfaction data at every stage of the sales funnel to meet and exceed your franchise recruitment goals.

28 11, 2017

The Grinches In Your Franchise System

The shopping season has officially commenced, and whether you’re a Black Friday warrior or more of a last-minute, better-under-pressure shopper, the buying experience can fuel your holiday excitement or suck all the joy out of the process. The same goes for franchise candidates in the validation process. Mystery shopping can give you the intel you need to make your franchise buying experience something to celebrate.

20 11, 2017

5 Tactics to Make Discovery Day More Effective

Discovery days are an integral part of every brand’s development process. They are a way to set appropriate expectations and expose candidates to what it’s like to be a part of your franchise brand. Here are five ideas to make your discovery day more effective and make sure the candidates you choose will turn out to be successful franchisees.

10 10, 2017

Find Your Perfect Franchisee Match

Is your current lead strategy getting you a million first dates, but no commitment? Do your leads seem great online but turn out to be duds? Are they putting out the vibe that they’re interested but never return your calls? Take our two-minute quiz to find out if your lead strategies are getting you to the final commitment ceremony or you’re losing out on great relationships.

30 08, 2017

How to Use Satisfaction Data as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

We all know the adage that “content is king,” but not everyone takes it to heart. Learn three ways you can use franchisee satisfaction data as part of a solid content marketing strategy to bring in more candidates and close deals more quickly.

14 08, 2017

Highlight Your Franchisee Satisfaction Reviews Online to Influence Candidates

It’s no secret most people read online reviews of a product or service before making a purchase. While most franchisors expect and encourage franchise candidates to contact their existing franchisees as part of the validation process, more and more are starting to realize they need to have reviews of their system online to grab candidates’ interest in the first place.