31 03, 2016

Franchisee Vision Plans: The Most Effective Tool You’re NOT Using

Most franchise companies have a crystal clear vision of where they want to go. But the mistake many franchisors make is not requiring their franchisees to have their own vision. Implementing a franchisee vision plan program is the most effective way to set expectations and align franchisees’ goals with the goals of the organization. Learn how to start putting vision plans to work in your organization with these free resources.

16 02, 2016

Your Sales Team Is Throwing Away Leads

Research shows that 71% of the leads generated on the Internet are wasted simply because companies wait too long to respond, 46 hours and 53 minutes on average, and sales reps typically make only 1.3 call attempts before giving up and moving on. Learn how to get your sales team converting more leads, faster, with these simple tips.

27 01, 2016

FBR Staff Picks: Recommended Reading

How does Franchise Business Reviews’ staff stays inspired and motivated? Check out our latest list of great reads. CEO Eric Stites recommends Making Idea Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality. According to productivity expert Scott Belsky, no one is born with the ability to drive creative projects to completion. Execution is a skill that must be developed by building your organizational habits and harnessing the support of your colleagues. Read on for more inspiring titles.

9 12, 2015

Franchise Buyers Increasingly Care About Franchisee Satisfaction

All franchise buyers do varying degrees of due diligence before investing in a brand. The difference is that today more and more prospective franchisees are looking at franchisee satisfaction data in addition to financial benefits, lifestyle, and the training and support they’ll receive. Entrepreneur recently profiled FASTSIGNS franchise owners Woody Poole and Milton Guerrero, who named franchisee satisfaction as one of the key factors in choosing a franchise.

6 11, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Wow Franchisees

Raise the performance of your franchise system with these 5 tips.

22 05, 2015

The Perfect Time To Reach Candidates

Search activity ticks up Sunday evening, specifically between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm ET, as denoted by the brighter red markers in the graphic. It then continues for all of Monday’s typical waking hours, peaking for the day at around 1:00pm ET, when the greatest number of North Americans across the four time zones is taking lunch.

7 01, 2015

3 Ways You Are Wasting Money

Prior to spending the bulk of your budget on advertising, online lead generation, or attending shows to generate interest from potential franchisees, it's crucial to address things your franchisees aren't happy about. Why? Because your franchisees’ feedback can make or break a deal when trying to bring a new franchisee on board.

10 09, 2014

How one franchise company generated 30 leads overnight

Anyone in franchise development knows how true the statement, “Your best customer may be your next franchisee,” can be. Many franchise owners first become interested in a franchise concept as customers—using the service, eating the food, or shopping in the store.

5 08, 2014

Four Ways to Attract More Multi-Unit Franchisees

Every franchisor wants to attract a “certain type” of franchisee, and lately, the type of franchisee every franchisor seems to want is a multi-unit franchisee. But attracting multi-unit franchisees and keeping them happy isn’t as easy as just changing your franchise agreement.

4 07, 2014

Franchise Business Review Launches National Search for Top Franchises

Register now for Franchise Business Review's 2015 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards, part of a national project that looks at franchisee satisfaction among the country’s most popular franchise brands.