22 06, 2014

Can Your Candidates Network? Find Out Now

It doesn’t matter if your concept is a soccer camp or a sandwich shop, franchisees spend countless hours “selling” themselves at family functions, after church, even in line at the grocery store. Here's a quick and dirty trick to find out how natural networking is for your franchisees-to-be.

19 06, 2014

Improve Franchisee Relations One Note At A Time

A common complaint from franchisees is that their franchisor doesn’t listen, the corporate office is out of touch, and they don’t feel part of the larger brand. There are a lot of big picture things you can do to change this, but there’s also one seemingly small thing that can make all the difference: A handwritten note.

14 06, 2014

When the Shoe Fits

In running, it’s not about what sneakers do for you in those first few miles. The first 5k isn’t nearly as important as Mile 25 of a marathon. The ultimate question is will the shoes get me through the long haul? The same is true in franchising.

13 05, 2014

A Picture Says 1,000 Words About Your Business

What do your pictures say about your business?

5 03, 2014

The Five Most Important Things We Learned at IFA

Our team spent most of last week in New Orleans at the IFA Convention, so I asked them to dig out from their beads and give me the best tip they took away from being there. Just like the conference itself, there’s something for everyone in their responses.

7 10, 2013

Compete Locally to Succeed Nationally

Local efforts can have a big impact on a franchise system as a whole, including its unit profitability, storewide sales, and overall brand growth. If you’re not already, you may want to consider what (or who) is actually driving your local efforts.

22 05, 2013

The Best Conference Tip I’ve Ever Gotten

The best conference tip I’ve ever gotten was from Susan Black-Beth at the IFA Leadership Luncheon in February. I always walk away from conferences with a few (soon-to-be-forgotten) great ideas, but Susan’s hit home and I’ve been thinking about it—and working on it—ever since.

5 03, 2013

Would You Trust You?

If by some unlikely twist of fate, you were instantly transplanted from the home office to ownership of your own franchise unit, how would you feel about the direction of the company? What thoughts would be crossing your mind as you read the latest memo from the executives? Would you trust you?

21 09, 2011

Franchise Leaders Speak Out: Strategies for Building Strong Franchisee Relations

It’s no secret that good franchisee relations lead to franchisee satisfaction, which leads to generally strong businesses. Satisfied and engaged franchisees work harder, promote the brand better to customers and other franchisee candidates, and ultimately make more money for franchisors and themselves. Every year, Franchise Business Review surveys thousands of franchisees from hundreds of franchise [...]