FBR’s Click to Call Feature

Franchise Business Review recently launched a pilot program to give our clients the option to add a click to call feature to their FBR Review Profiles and/or FBR Lead Profiles

There is no cost to add the feature to your pages. It is an added benefit designed to give candidates the option to contact you directly – when they’re ready to talk – rather than submitting their email address and waiting to be contacted.

What Is a Click to Call Feature?

Click to call simply gives online users the opportunity to click on a phone number on a website to be connected directly to the company they are trying to reach.

With so many people now searching online using a mobile phone, it can enhance the user experience by allowing them to:

  • Connect directly with a real person while they are on your page viewing your company information.
  • Have a fast and easy way of contacting you when they’re ready to talk. 
  • Have a choice in how they want to interact with you. This gives them the option to have a conversation vs. connecting via email. 


How Does FBR’s Feature Work?

When you choose to participate in FBR’s click to call feature, we’ll assign you a trackable phone number for your profile page.

When candidates visit your page, they will still be able to submit their email address to download your summary report (from an FBR Review page) or request franchise info (from an FBR Leads page). In addition, they will be able to click on the trackable number to call you directly and initiate a conversation with your team.

When the number is clicked, here’s what happens: 

  1. The call will be forwarded to a number (or numbers) you choose. You can choose to have it ring to just one number, or you can choose multiple numbers that can ring simultaneously, sequentially (rings to one number, if no one answers, rings to the next number, etc.) or in a round robin.
  2. When the call is answered, the person on your end will hear a “whisper message” to indicate that the call is coming from an FBR page so they know how the caller found your brand and what they are viewing.
  3. If no one answers the call or it does not go to voicemail, you can elect to have an automated text reply sent to the caller indicating that you will be in touch as soon as someone is available.
  4. If the number is able to receive texts (i.e., a mobile phone) you can choose to allow candidates to text you instead of call.
  5. When a call or text comes in, an email alert will be sent to designated members of your team. Additionally, you will receive monthly summaries of calls and texts.

Tracking Callers

As part of the feature, you will also be able to access your reporting dashboard at any time. In the dashboard you will be able to see: 

  • Call summary that includes:  
    • The number of the caller
    • The length of the call
    • The time of the call
    • The city of the caller
    • Tags: You are able to “Tag” the calls so you can organize them – for example, you could tag them as “qualified lead” or “converted”.
  • Call detail report
  • Call status report

You also have the option to record your calls, which you can use for training purposes and/or to gain insight into having better conversations. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The feature is FREE to clients who have an FBR Review Profile and/or FBR Leads Profile.

If a call comes in via your FBR Leads Profile, you will be charged the same per-lead rate as leads submitted via email.

Who Is Eligible?

If you are an FBR client and are participating in our FBR Validation Program/Recruitment Bundle or our Lead Generation Program, we can set you up in our click to call pilot.

Getting Started

We’ll need some basic information from you to get started. Before you fill out the form, please connect with your Client Success Manager to ensure you are eligible.


Contact Nicole Dudley

Client Success Manager

[email protected]