Congratulations on Your Rockstar Franchisee!

FBR_tshirt_Back_FINALFranchise Business Review’s research is recognized as the industry benchmark for franchisee satisfaction. Having one of your franchisees recognized highlights how joining your system translates into success as well as the strength of your brand.

Time to take center stage and belt out the news!

Show candidates, customers, and the media that your franchisees are benefiting because you’re doing business the right way: Share the news that one of your franchisees has been recognized as a Franchise Rock Star by Franchise Business Review. 

We’ve compiled this list of 10 ways to spread the word about how your system leads to success: Tips for Promoting Your Franchisee Satisfaction Rating.

In addition, we’ve created these tools to help you promote your franchisee’s special Rock Star recognition, and boost your marketing and development efforts:

Customizable press release
Use this press release template to highlight your franchisee satisfaction and secure media attention for your Franchise Rock Star.

Download the official FBR Franchise Rock Star graphic to give to your franchisee and include in print materials and on your website.

FBR newsletterThe List
Feel free to share with your candidates and followers!


Validation Highlights
Looking for a way to stand out from the competition on the tradeshow floor? Back up your sales pitch with a custom Validation Highlights report–an independent analysis of your franchisee satisfaction highlighting the key areas where you scored well. (Contact us for more info and pricing.)

Media Kit
Strategically position your brand to reach more candidates. The 2020 Media Kit can help you target the right opportunities, plan ahead around strategic deadlines, and diversify your exposure.


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