A Survey Plan for Every Brand and Every Budget

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*Billed annually. Actual pricing determined by base prices above and specific number of units/owners in system.

Just want a simple benchmark of your franchisee satisfaction?
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Recruitment Bundle*

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A La Carte Add-Ons

*Products available pending recognition as a “top franchise” based on franchisee survey results using our proprietary Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI).

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Survey and Pricing FAQs

  1. What is the included in the standard Benchmark Survey?
    Our survey benchmarks your franchisees’ satisfaction in eight key areas against the overall average across all franchise brands we work with. It includes 33 standardized questions we ask every franchisee. The survey is administered online via email and text, with phone call follow ups available as an additional service.
  2. Is the survey confidential?
    Our survey is 100% confidential. Brands with weak franchisee satisfaction are never identified publicly. Brands with strong satisfaction are given the opportunity to be named in our publications and editorial content.
  3. Are franchisee responses anonymous?
    We give franchisees the option to remain anonymous in their responses in order to maximize participation. Many franchisees still disclose their names when responding to the survey.
  4. How is the survey administered?
    When you’re ready to get started, we ask for your FDD and a complete contact list of all current franchise owners. Once you notify them that the survey is launching, we handle the rest. Our survey is delivered electronically and via text to all franchisees and we track participation, following up with franchisees who don’t respond. Our basic service includes email and text contact only, while the Analytics Plus plan includes phone follow-up as well.
  5. What if I only want the survey? Do I still need to choose a plan?
    In order to extract any valuable data from your survey, you’ll need to see the aggregated results. All three of our paid plans allow for this, each with a different degree of access and analysis available. While the standard survey itself is a free service, you receive only a basic snapshot of your data.
  6. How do I know which plan is right for my system?
    Once you select your system size above, you’ll see your plan and pricing options. Your plan choice should reflect your intentions and budget. If you just want to see how your franchisees feel and collect some feedback, you might choose the Essentials plan. If you’re ready to dive in, slice up your data, and make some real improvements, the Pro and Analytics Plus plans are a better fit.
  7. I’m just interested in the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards. Which plans make my brand eligible?
    All of our plans, including the Free plan, qualify brands for our Franchisee Satisfaction Award research. However, a brand must show strong satisfaction among its franchise owners in order to be recognized in any FBR publication.
  8. What is the Lead Generation Bundle?
    This bundle is offers several products aimed at increasing your exposure and attracting new franchise candidates. You get a public profile page on FranchiseBusinessReview.com (including a direct contact form), your first 20 leads at no additional cost, a Validation Highlights Sheet, and three 1/3-page advertisements in your choice of FBR’s annual guides.

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