How to Optimize Your FBR Leads Page

Differentiate Your Brand with Your Award-Winning Status to Get Quality Leads


Showcasing your brand and its award-winning status on our Top-Rated Franchises page is one of the best ways to educate interested candidates about your franchise opportunity and get more quality leads.

While you want to generate as many leads as possible, you want to make sure that the candidates you’re attracting are the right fit for your brand.

Creating a robust FBR leads profile page will give your franchise increased visibility, engaged leads, and higher conversion rates.

What Your Leads Profile Will Include:

Franchise Business Review’s editorial team will create a page with all the information necessary to educate prospective buyers about your franchise opportunity. The page will include:

  • Your brand logo
  • Company information and targeting choices
  • Description of the ideal franchise candidate for your brand
  • Videos and photos from your brand
  • FBR awards and recognition
  • Marketing information about your brand, including: 
    • Differentiators and benefits of owning your franchise, what it’s like to be part of your brand,  the training and support you offer, how much money franchisees can make, costs and fees, etc.

See the sample profile below, or check out leads pages on our site.

What We Need From You

  • Current company information. Fill out this form to ensure we have all the most current information about your brand and the contact information for the person in your company who should receive leads through the page. 
  • Company logo (if we don’t already have it.) Please provide the most up-to-date logo. Keep in mind, logos will display in a 400x400px white circle, so if you have logo variations, consider which may fit best. If possible, provide the logo as a transparent PNG with the highest resolution possible.
  • Photos of your franchisees in action. Click here to see what makes a good photo. The page has room for the following: 
    • A header image (830 x 400 px) will be the first image candidates will see.
    • Up to (3) slider images (760 x 400 px) tp show off more franchisees, franchise locations, brand events, branded vehicles, etc.
  • Brand video (if available). Video can be incredibly effective in selling prospects on your system. Provide a video that best encapsulates what its like to be a franchisee with your brand. 

Sample Optimized FBR Leads Profile

*This page mockup reflects the updated website design that will take place early 2020.



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Client Services Manager

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