• TeamLogic IT Franchise Leadership Team

How TeamLogic IT Adapted Their Franchisee Support Model to Achieve Significant Network Sales

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As part of FBR’s ongoing series spotlighting 2021 Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winners, FBR talked with Team Logic IT’s president Dan Shapero about strengthening franchisee relationships, adapting franchisee support during the pandemic, and how they have continued to generate demand for the brand in terms of new store sales, new store awards, and territory expansion.

  • Sean Manning and Payroll Vault team at ribbon cutting

How Payroll Vault Measures Success Using Franchisee Satisfaction

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In our continuing series spotlighting our 2021 Best-in-Category Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winners, Payroll Vault president & CEO Sean Manning talks with Nicole Dudley, Director of Client Relations at Franchise Business Review, about the “hypertransformation” in business over the past year, as well as how they use their survey data to drive goal-setting and measure success.

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Attn: Smart CEOs

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The pandemic disrupted many businesses - some struggled to survive while others were able to drive innovation. So where does that leave franchise CEOs who are committed to the health of their system? Implementing these three strategies with a critical focus on people is crucial for success.

  • Showing Gratitude to Employees with a thank you note

7 Simple Ways to Build Employee Engagement

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FBR's employee engagement research has shown that nearly a third of all franchise employees (29%) don’t feel that they receive the recognition they deserve. Here are seven simple ideas can help you show your employees you care to build engagement and retain your top employees.

  • Peloton "Together We Go Far"

Lessons from Peloton for Franchising

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Peloton’s “Together we go far” slogan encapsulates a culture and strategic growth that most franchise systems (and all businesses) strive for. Community isn’t something you can force to happen, but Peloton seems to have fostered something special, and a lot of that could be applied to our own organizations. 

  • Roadblock to Employee Engagement

5 Roadblocks to Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is important to the success (or survival) of an organization, and while it’s become increasingly hard to foster engagement when some (or all) of your team is remote, it’s also more important than ever in helping to retain your top talent.

The Grinches In Your Franchise System

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The shopping season has officially commenced, and whether you’re a Black Friday warrior or more of a last-minute, better-under-pressure shopper, the buying experience can fuel your holiday excitement or suck all the joy out of the process. The same goes for franchise candidates in the validation process. Get the intel you need to make the franchise buying experience something to celebrate.

3 Reasons You Should Attend the 2020 MOD Conference

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Michelle Rowan, president & COO of Franchise Business Review, is part of this year’s planning task force and the emcee for the Operations program at the IFA's Marketing, Operations & Development (MOD) Virtual Conference. She talked recently about the highlights of the event and what franchisors will take away.

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Franchise Culture in 2020 Is Different – Like Everything Else

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While some franchise brands were able to continue to thrive through the events of 2020, many have had to lay off or furlough employees and/or had franchisees whose businesses didn’t survive - all of which can also take a toll on franchise culture. It’s more important now than ever before to assess your company culture and take steps to fix the parts that are broken. These 12 steps can help you get started

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Cultivate a Data-Driven Organization from the Top Down

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When you survey your franchisees, it's critical to share it with your entire executive team if you want to truly cultivate a data-driven mindset in your organization. The insights we collect on our surveys can help every team in your organization identify priorities, track their progress and meet their goals. Find out how each of your teams can benefit from having FBR walk them through your data together.

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Two-Way Communication: Making Sure Employees and Franchisees Are Heard During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Most of us are aware that communicating - and communicating quickly and often - is critical in times of crisis. But while most of us are focused on outbound communication to employees, franchisees and customers, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that communication is a two-way street. Learn how to ensure you have a plan for franchisees and employees to communicate their needs and concerns to you.

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Maintaining and Rebuilding Company Culture During and Beyond COVID-19

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Many leaders are trying to adapt to running teams and their businesses remotely. How can you maintain, or create a remote culture while everyone is online instead of in-person? And how do we rebuild culture when remote workers return to the office? Consider these ideas for creating or maintaining company culture while working remotely during COVID-19 and how to rebuild culture after returning to the workplace.

  • Meet franchisees where they are in the franchisee lifecycle

Coaching for the Franchisee Lifecycle: Meeting Your Franchisees Where They Are

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One of the biggest challenges of the franchisee lifecycle is keeping tenured franchisees engaged. Join us at the IFA's Franchise Operations Conference this fall to learn how successful franchisors are using franchisee satisfaction data to make continuous improvements to their training and support to break franchisees out of their performance plateaus.

  • Using Franchise Audit Questions to Support Franchisee

357 Audit Questions to Turn Your Compliance Check into a Support Tool

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Do your franchisees feel supported during compliance checks? Most franchisors will say “no”. But it doesn't have to be that way! FranchiseBlast has collected 357 franchise audit questions from top franchisors to help you "audit your audit" and elevate the compliance check from an exercise in “catching” franchisees doing something wrong, to “coaching” them to make the business be its best.

  • employee engagement

Got Satisfaction?

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FBR’s CEO Eric Stites provides an inside look at employee satisfaction in the franchise sector in the latest issue of Franchising World. Find out which employees are least satisfied, where the biggest pay gaps exist, and the risks posed by Gen Z.

  • Star Awards

Takeaways from the 2018 Star Awards

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Each year, Franchise Update invites franchise brands to compete in the Star Awards, which recognize franchising’s top sales teams at the annual Franchise Leadership and Development Conference. Find out which of the winning brands excelled in franchisee satisfaction and what the research revealed.

  • Content marketing

Content Marketing for Franchises: The 3 Most Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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It’s clear that content marketing works. You know you need it to be relevant, but executing is another story. No matter the size of the system, franchisors share the same challenges when it comes to implementing and maintaining an effective content marketing strategy. This list of helpful resources and tips can help you get over the content marketing hump.

  • Homevestors franchise

What Makes a Positive Organizational Culture?

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Everyone's talking about organizational culture these days, but it can be squishy topic - hard to define and even harder to shape. To help understand what makes for a positive culture, we asked 10 franchise leaders at top-performing franchise companies how they would describe their brand’s culture. See what they told us.

  • content marketing

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy to Attract More Franchise Candidates

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Content is an important piece of a successful marketing strategy; by now, most marketers know this. But in the content age, the internet is flooded with information. As a franchisor, you are not only competing with the other franchise brands in your space, you are competing with all the content producers who are fighting for a spot on page one of Google. So, how do you create a successful content marketing strategy that will attract more candidates?

  • franchise development

Development Drought? Tap into a New Well of Qualified Leads

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Unemployment rates have dipped to some of the lowest we’ve seen in nearly two decades, which means the stream of franchise candidate leads is slowing to a trickle at the same time many brands are hoping to accelerate development to keep up with customer demand. With franchisors all competing for a limited number of candidates, development teams need to get creative to find new leads. Try some of these out-of-the-box ideas.

  • franchise culture

Franchise Culture as a Foundation for Success

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Franchise culture NEEDS to be an operational priority - starting with leadership, but really for everyone in your organization. The challenge is knowing where to start. Join FBR at the IFA Operations Seminar in Tampa this fall to learn the secrets of creating a winning culture from leading franchisors.

4 Franchise Development Budget Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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Despite the seemingly endless meetings and ensuing headaches that accompany budget planning, there’s no escaping it. To make this year’s planning a little easier for you, we’ve put together the four most common budgeting mistakes that franchise marketing and development teams tend to make, along with ways to fix them.

  • franchise broker shaking hands to close deal with franchise buyer

What Your Franchise Broker Needs to Know About Franchisee Satisfaction

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Franchise brokers can be an important part of your franchise recruitment strategy, but most franchise brokers are working with a hundred or more brands. So how do you make sure your broker is recommending your brand over others when talking with potential leads? Find out how your franchisee satisfaction data can be the silver bullet to get your broker sending more candidates your way.

  • innovation in franchising

Innovation in Franchising Goes Way Beyond Tech

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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Campground started in 1969 and is most known for its family-friendly, outdoor entertainment - and of course, the iconic Yogi Bear character - but they are anything but old-school. Find out how they use innovation to drive sales and profitability.

  • Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Franchise

How Yogi Bear’s Laser-Focus on Brand Differentiation Made It a Top Franchise

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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Resorts was named one of Franchise Business Review’s top 200 franchises of 2018. We recently sat down to chat with Jim Westover, VP of Operations, to talk about the franchise’s growth over the past 50 years and how their focus on brand differentiation and franchisee education has been a critical factor in becoming a top choice for franchise buyers.

  • Re-engage senior franchisees

4 Ways to Re-Engage Senior Franchisees

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It’s no big secret that business owners of all types get bored after a few years of being in business. When it comes to franchising, it’s even more crucial to keep them engaged - especially the more senior franchisees. These four tips will help you re-engage senior franchisees and break out of their performance plateau.

  • grow your franchise brand

Growing Your Franchise Brand Without Losing Sight of What Matters

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The energy behind small, but growing franchise brands is often fueled by the passion, culture, and core values of its founders, staff, and franchisees. As a brand grows, those things tend to get diluted or take a back seat to other priorities. Pulse surveys can help you keep your franchise on track and keep franchisees and corporate staff from disengaging.

  • communication audit

Communication Audit: Think of It as Benchmarking

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When was the last time you did a communications audit? Probably too long ago. Strategic communication is a critical component in your organization's ability to reach and exceed business objectives. And just as you would with other key areas of your organization like operations, marketing, and finance, communication must be reviewed, directed, adjusted, and monitored to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • Field consultants: Cops or coaches?

Are your Field Consultants Cops or Coaches?

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Do your Field Consultants understand that every request they make of a franchisee should be aligned to how this protects the brand, improves profitability, or creates happier customers? Learn why alignment is more powerful than compliance and more effective in achieving franchise best practices.

  • Zach Nolte, Kitchen Solvers

Zach Nolte

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Zach NoltePresident, Kitchen SolversDid you use any type of survey before FBR’s? If so, was it internal or with another [...]

  • Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited

Paul Pickett

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Paul PickettChief Development Officer, Wild Birds UnlimitedStrategically Leveraging Franchisee Satisfaction Data Helps Wild Birds Unlimited Soar Wild Birds Unlimited has [...]

The Missing Piece of Your Corporate Culture

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Franchise brands with strong cultures have extremely high satisfaction and engagement among their franchisees. But cognitive culture is only half the story. Research cited by Harvard Business Review article points out that emotions are central to building the right culture.

Moving from Data-Driven to Insight-Driven: Uncovering the Gold in Your Data Mine

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The ultimate goal of surveying your franchisees is to gain objective insights into how to improve operational performance to get better results. In order to do that you need to pull out the gold hidden inside! These 10 ideas for digging into your data will help you understand what drives your franchisees’ behaviors and beliefs, and apply metrics to improving franchisee relations.

Why Your Franchisees Will Love a Survey, and You Will Too

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In most companies, employees have an annual performance review. When done properly, it creates a powerful feedback loop and an opportunity for positive change. In franchising, an annual satisfaction survey offers similar benefits. If you're using on of these common excuses not to survey your franchisees on a regular basis, find out why you could be putting your system at risk.

  • customer satisfaction surveys

Franchise Buyers Increasingly Care About Franchisee Satisfaction

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All franchise buyers do varying degrees of due diligence before investing in a brand. The difference is that today more and more prospective franchisees are looking at franchisee satisfaction data in addition to financial benefits, lifestyle, and the training and support they’ll receive. See what current franchisees have to say about franchisee satisfaction as a key factor in choosing a franchise.

FBR Member Brands Appear on CNBC Program

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The segment, part of the Nightly Business Report program, aired on November 11, 2015 and featured interviews with veteran franchisees of both Housemaster and Pinot's Palette, two of the highest rated brands in our 2015 Top Franchises for Veterans guide.