The Grinches In Your Franchise System

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The shopping season has officially commenced, and whether you’re a Black Friday warrior or more of a last-minute, better-under-pressure shopper, the buying experience can fuel your holiday excitement or suck all the joy out of the process. The same goes for franchise candidates in the validation process. Get the intel you need to make the franchise buying experience something to celebrate.

3 Reasons You Should Attend the 2020 MOD Conference

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Michelle Rowan, president & COO of Franchise Business Review, is part of this year’s planning task force and the emcee for the Operations program at the IFA's Marketing, Operations & Development (MOD) Virtual Conference. She talked recently about the highlights of the event and what franchisors will take away.

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Franchise Culture in 2020 Is Different – Like Everything Else

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While some franchise brands were able to continue to thrive through the events of 2020, many have had to lay off or furlough employees and/or had franchisees whose businesses didn’t survive - all of which can also take a toll on franchise culture. It’s more important now than ever before to assess your company culture and take steps to fix the parts that are broken. These 12 steps can help you get started

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Cultivate a Data-Driven Organization from the Top Down

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When you survey your franchisees, it's critical to share it with your entire executive team if you want to truly cultivate a data-driven mindset in your organization. The insights we collect on our surveys can help every team in your organization identify priorities, track their progress and meet their goals. Find out how each of your teams can benefit from having FBR walk them through your data together.

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Two-Way Communication: Making Sure Employees and Franchisees Are Heard During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Most of us are aware that communicating - and communicating quickly and often - is critical in times of crisis. But while most of us are focused on outbound communication to employees, franchisees and customers, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that communication is a two-way street. Learn how to ensure you have a plan for franchisees and employees to communicate their needs and concerns to you.

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Zach Nolte

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Zach NoltePresident, Kitchen SolversDid you use any type of survey before FBR’s? If so, was it internal or with another [...]

  • Paul Pickett, Wild Birds Unlimited

Paul Pickett

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Paul PickettChief Development Officer, Wild Birds UnlimitedStrategically Leveraging Franchisee Satisfaction Data Helps Wild Birds Unlimited Soar Wild Birds Unlimited has [...]

FBR Member Brands Appear on CNBC Program

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The segment, part of the Nightly Business Report program, aired on November 11, 2015 and featured interviews with veteran franchisees of both Housemaster and Pinot's Palette, two of the highest rated brands in our 2015 Top Franchises for Veterans guide.

Franchise Business Owners Provide Their Views on Tax Reform

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With the shadow of tax overhaul looming, the International Franchise Association and Franchise Business Review asked franchise executives to weigh in on several pending tax proposals and comment on tax reform in mid-October 2011. More than 400 franchisors and franchisees took part in the study, which uncovered the following key findings.