Published March 11, 2016

A Crash Course in the World of Franchising

Are you new to the franchise industry? Looking to get an outside perspective to complement the onboarding you’ve already received from your new employer? This industry primer was created with YOU in mind.

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There are many job functions in a franchise company comparable to those you’d find in other types of companies. Departments including accounting, IT, Human Resources, and others can have a significantly more complicated role in that they must account for staff needs AND franchisee needs, but the required job skills don’t typically change.

On the other hand, there are some areas, three in particular, significantly different than you’ll find in other businesses:

1. Franchise Operations
While the operations at brand headquarters are essential to an effective company, franchise unit operations are the backbone of your business. A franchise model is built on the premise that the success of one small business can be packaged, moved somewhere else, and replicated. It’s the responsibility of the franchisor to make sure this process happens as advertised, from the initial training to process documentation to ongoing support…

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