Published November 2, 2016

Leann Reynolds

Leann Reynolds
President, Homewatch Caregivers

Did you use any type of survey before this? If so, was it internal or another vendor?

Yes and no. We have been using the FBR survey for a number of years – since back in 2006. In the past, we used internal surveys but those were more around asking about certain programs–none addressed the system as a whole. I love the tool.

 Why did you decide to survey your franchisees with Franchise Business Review?

Part of what we do as a franchisor is selling units and starting businesses, but it’s also our responsibility to support them. FBR really gives us that independent third-party platform to evaluate objectively what’s going on in our network. We get a lot of information back about technology, communication, core values … we also add customized questions to see how they perceive specific programs and initiatives. It gives us the franchisees’ perspective that they would really only give to a third party.

Were you surprised at all by the results?

We were very excited that we ranked so highly. We recognize that we spend a great deal of time on support, and we have high expectations for ourselves. But our system is older than some of the networks, and sometimes satisfaction can wane over time, as franchisees wonder what they are getting for their royalty dollars. We were happy to rank so highly.

Do you share your results with your franchisees? If so, what reaction/feedback have you received?

We share the summary report with our franchisees. We always do the survey in the fall and try to get them back prior to end of year because we really want franchisees to know and understand that we take their feedback and address any problems in our annual plan. We’ve also put our FBR results up on our Intranet so people can pull it down and look at it. And, any franchisees that identify themselves and make comments, we call and talk with them to find out if there are any individual issues that we need to address.

What do you do with the results (both from a marketing perspective and operationally)?

This is a very critical tool for our planning. We incorporate the results in our annual plan for the following year. We want to move our satisfaction in various areas every year as part of performance goals. From a marketing perspective, we have it on our web site, send it out to prospects, use it in social media, use it in our PowerPoint presentations … Candidates can access the summary report.

What are the top three ways you use your franchisee satisfaction data?

1.) Use it to determine action-oriented plans that we need to make changes for in the coming year and how we need to communicate

2.) Highlight things that are working well or key successes

3.) Validation for franchise prospects regarding our support

Some CEOs tell us that their franchisees are inundated with surveys and emails and they just don’t want to send them something else. What would you say to those CEOs?

This is probably a more important survey to gauge how satisfied their network is … They can actually create customized questions to gather data on all of their initiatives at once. It’s a comprehensive survey that actually brings in all of the areas that they need to look at. I’d say stop doing those other ones and do this one! People will only complain about doing the survey if you don’t do anything with the results. If you’re not interested in seeing the results, what are you really interested in?

About the Author: Ali Forman

As the Marketing Director, Ali’s role is to educate franchise companies about and inspire them to participate in FBR’s research in order to grow and improve their brands. Ali lives in Maine with her husband and two sons.
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