Portsmouth, NH, January 2, 2017 A list of 200 franchises ranked highest by franchisees has been released by Franchise Business Review, a market research firm that performs independent franchisee satisfaction research. The list is available for free within the Guide to Today’s Top Franchises at FranchiseBusinessReview.com.

“Franchises that survey their franchisees realize that transparency and openness contributes to a trusting relationship,” says Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review. “Franchisee satisfaction ratings show you whether or not a franchise opportunity is really as good as it appears and fits your values and vision by providing insight into a system’s culture, training, leadership, financial outlook, franchisee community and much more.”

The brands that made Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top Franchises list were selected based on survey data obtained from over 30,000 franchisees representing more than 334 brands over the past 18 months. Franchisees answered 33 questions ranking their franchise system in the areas of financial opportunity, training and support, leadership, operations and product development, core values (e.g., honesty and integrity of franchisor), general satisfaction, and the franchisee community. An additional 16 questions asked franchisees about their market area, demographics, business lifestyle, overall enjoyment running their franchise, and role in the franchisee community.

Below are some of the key findings from Franchise Business Review’s research for its 2017 Top Franchises list. An interesting conclusion from the data is that satisfaction of franchisees is not tied to how much income they make.

 Franchisee Satisfaction Snapshot

– I enjoy operating this business (Yes): 89%

– I enjoy being part of this organization (Yes): 87%

– I respect my franchisor (Yes): 84%

– I believe my franchisor acts with a high level of integrity (Yes): 81%

– Overall satisfaction with franchise (Good + Very Good + Excellent): 81% 

– Would “do it again” knowing what they know today (Yes): 89%

– Satisfied with franchisor and the opportunity provided (Yes): 88%

– Would recommend their franchise brand to others (Yes): 81%

– Is meeting financial expectations (Agree + Strongly Agree): 60%


Top Five Sectors With Highest Average Income 

  1. Food
  2. Real Estate
  3. Automotive
  4. Education
  5. Senior Services


Top Five Sectors With Highest Satisfaction

  1. Real Estate
  2. Sports & Rec
  3. Advertising & Sales
  4. Financial & Tax
  5. Child Services


Median Initial Investment for Top Five Sectors With Highest Average Income

Food                                            $433,000                 (average pre tax income $99,400)

Real Estate                                   $267,000                 (average pre tax income $132,000)

Automotive                                $247,000                 (average pre tax income $100,000)

Education                                    $177,700                 (average pre tax income $106,000)

Senior Services                           $102,000                 (average pre tax income $111,000)


Median Initial Investment & Average Income for Top Five Sectors With Highest Satisfaction

Real Estate                                   $267,000                 (average pre tax income $132,000)

Sports & Rec                               $113,000                 (average pre tax income $82,000)

Advertising & Sales                   $70,000 (average pre tax income $90,000)

Financial & Tax                           $67,000 (average pre tax income $52,000)

Child Services                             $51,000 (average pre tax income $52,000)

In 2017 Franchise Business Review is releasing 13 unbiased and free franchisee satisfaction research reports, which focus on a variety of sectors including Food & Beverage, Low-Cost, Automotive, and Fitness. All are available online at FranchiseBusinessReview.com.

About Franchise Business Review 
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