Report Reveals 2017’s Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchise Brands According to Franchisees

Portsmouth, NH April 4, 2017This year’s multi-unit franchising research by Franchise Business Review, a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences, revealed many things including that 90% of multi-unit operators enjoy operating their business and that the number of female multi-unit franchise owners is growing strongly. 35% of multi-unit operators are female or male/female partnerships, up roughly 30% from just a few years ago. This and more data was obtained from surveying 9,125 multi-unit franchisees representing 317 franchise brands. Each franchisee was asked to answer 49 questions relating to their franchisor’s performance and their personal franchising experience.

Franchisors told Franchise Business Review they are seeing more interest in multi-unit ownership from prospective franchisees than ever before. This makes sense because multi-unit franchising offers franchisees a variety of benefits including efficiency of scale, market domination, improved employee retention, and profit balancing.

“Multi-unit ownership’s appeal is driven by two key factors,” says Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise Business Review. “Franchisees enter into it due to the potential for increased profitability. Franchisors are encouraging it because well-financed and experienced franchisees can expedite growth, while keeping the number of franchisees they work with manageable.”

Since a multi-unit investment is significant, it is crucial that prospective franchisees who are considering it do extensive due diligence to determine if a brand can properly support them and if the culture is the right fit. Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises guide looks closely at the factors that make a brand a good choice for multi-unit ownership. The full report is available for free at

The variety of franchise brand concepts on this year’s top 50 multi-unit franchises list, which includes brands such as The Wendy’s Company, Planet Fitness, Sotheby’s International Reality, and CertaPro Painters indicates that there is one for every interest.

Below is additional insight that was obtained from Franchise Business Review’s 2017 multi-unit franchising research:

Typical Multi-Unit Franchisee Demographics


Gender of Owners

65% male

24% female

11% are male/female partnerships



67% have bachelors degree or higher

22% have an advanced degree (overlap with above)

20% have no college degree

1% did not graduate high school (overlap with above)


Length of Franchise Ownership

30% have been an owner for 10 years or more

17% have been an owner for less than two years


Multi-Unit Franchisees’ Average Pre-Tax Income by # of Units Owned*

3 units – $123,400

4 units – $138,300

5+ units – $177,300


Multi-Unit Franchisees’ Average Pre-Tax Income and Years In Business

2-5 years – $87,500

6-9 years – $132,900

10+ – $191,800


Satisfaction of Multi-Unit Franchisees*

– I enjoy operating this business – 90%

– I enjoy being part of this organization – 88%

– Overall satisfaction with franchise – 84%

– Overall satisfaction with franchisor and the opportunity provided – 84%

– I respect my franchisor – 83%

– Would recommend their franchise brand to others – 83%

– Would “do it again” knowing what they know today – 80%

– I believe my franchisor acts with a high level of integrity – 79%

– Is meeting financial expectations – 63%

*equates positive responses by franchisees


About Franchise Business Review: Franchise Business Review is a national franchise market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and franchise buyer experiences. In addition, it provides services for franchisors and multi-unit franchisees including qualified lead generation, custom franchisee and employee satisfaction surveys, and customer satisfaction programs. Franchise Business Review is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, and can be reached at (603) 433-2270. Visit for information.