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Tell your brand story and capture candidates’ attention

Candidates want to engage with a brand as they research franchise opportunities. But, if you don’t have an editorial team dedicated to creating engaging blog posts and stories, it can be tough to keep your content marketing strategy performing effectively.

Why not let FBR do it for you?

With our sponsored content option, our editorial team will interview your team, write and edit stories for your brand on an ongoing basis, optimize it for search engines, link to your site, and distribute it directly to our targeted audience.


“Americans consume more than 100,000 digital words every day. 92% of these consumers want to internalize those words in the form of a story.”

-Source: The Science of Storytelling, OneSpot

What Is Sponsored Content?

Sponsored content is a form of content marketing. Unlike traditional paid advertising, it is intended to look and feel like other editorial content on the site, and like content marketing, it is helpful (not salesy) content that educates and informs readers.  

In most cases you write the content and pay the publication to run your content. In other cases — as in the case with Franchise Business Review —  the publication writes the content for you and gets your approval before posting it.

Sponsored content is NOT meant to mislead readers. Rather, it’s an opportunity to use content marketing to engage potential candidates and provide helpful content to the prospect so that when they are ready to take the leap to business ownership, they start with a brand they remember.

Learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsored Content

Why You Should Invest in Sponsored Content

1. Sponsored content is an opportunity to build a relationship with your audience.

It provides them with helpful, engaging content they actually want to read, while spreading your brand message — without being salesy. It positions your brand as an expert in the field, and when done effectively, it builds trust and inspires readers to consider your brand when they’re ready to buy.

2. It’s great for sharing.

When people read something that resonates with them, they want to tell others. When people like and share your post, they’re essentially acting as brand ambassadors and validating your brand. And because it FBR hosts it on our site, you get even greater exposure. We share it with our audience of engaged candidates and we encourage you to share it with your audience as well.

3. It can complement your traditional advertising strategy and your own blog.

Display advertising campaigns are useful for driving brand awareness and, when done well, can be eye-catching and memorable. Similar to content you post on your own blog, sponsored content has a more organic feel and acts as an information resource for the reader to inform their buying decisions, but it is published on a third-party site. And in the case of FBR, the site is recognized as a credible, unbiased source for franchise reviews. (Read Creating a Content Marketing Strategy to Attract More Franchise Candidates

Why You Should Partner with FBR for Sponsored Content

  • FBR is a credible resource that franchise buyers rely on for unbiased reviews of the best franchise opportunities. We only offer sponsored content to award-winning brands that score highly on our franchisee satisfaction survey to ensure the integrity of the content we publish. When readers see your brand on our website, they can rest assured knowing that your brand is committed to franchisee satisfaction.


  • FBR’s editorial team writes and optimizes the content for you. They work closely with you to identify compelling stories, interview leadership, and optimize for search. And, unlike many other media outlets, we don’t just publish a single article. We publish a minimum of four articles to enhance your brand’s presence – and we do that for less than it costs for a single post in many other publications.


What It Includes

Sponsored content is available exclusively to award-winning brands, and includes:

  • 4 articles (700-900 words) authored by FBR based on one-hour interview with your brand’s leadership (includes two rounds of review by client)
  • Premium placement on FBR’s home page for a minimum of one week
  • Evergreen content that lives on the FBR site with no expiration date
  • Direct link to your website and call to action within the blog
  • Choice of one story per month or one story per quarter
  • Distribution to FBR’s highly targeted audience, including our candidate subscriber email list (15,000+ contacts) and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

If you don’t currently participate in our research and would like to be considered for our awards, click here to learn more.

How It Works

Our sponsored content program is specifically designed to make it easy for you to implement or boost your content marketing – without the time or expertise required to write it yourself.

  1. FBR’s editorial team performs keyword research to identify possible content topics.
  2. Kick off call is scheduled to go over topics, create the content plan and identify brand leaders who can speak to the specific topics we have outlined.
  3. FBR’s editorial team conducts the interview and writes a first draft. Your team reviews and provides feedback. The FBR team then finalizes and gets ready for publication.
  4. We publish the story on our website, along with our regular blog content. It stays on the site indefinitely and is featured on the home page for at least a week.
  5. You share the article on your site and distribute via marketing and social channels as thought leadership.

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