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Franchise Business Review attracts more than 825,000 visitors to our site each year – all seeking information, education, and reviews on the best franchises to buy.

Smart franchise buyers do serious research and they want to know what other buyers are saying. Show them how satisfied your franchisees are – and why your brand should be on the top of their list. 

Showcasing your brand as a Top Franchise by offering your franchisee satisfaction report along with FBR’s expert third party review of your franchise opportunity on our website is one of the best ways to educate interested candidates – and capture qualified leads.

How It Works

Franchise Business Review will create a dedicated review page (optimized for search engines) in the Franchise Reviews section of our website. Your review page is located on the first tab in the main navigation and includes a lead capture form that sends their inquiry directly to your team.

Your review page includes:

  • Your FSI score
  • Overall franchise owner reviews
  • Franchisee testimonials, photos, videos, and any other information that will show candidates why your brand surpasses the competition.
  • A downloadable franchisee satisfaction summary report – available only once the candidate fills out the lead capture form on your page.

Increased Content and Visibility

The more eyeballs you can get on your summary report, the better! In addition to generating leads through our site, we also provide other opportunities to maximize exposure:  

  • A graphic for your website allowing you to use the report to capture leads on your own site.
  • Limited competition – only the Top 200 brands are offered the opportunity to have a Top Franchises Review profile on our site.
  • Whenever your brand is named in one of our Top Franchises Guides, your company name will be highlighted on the list and linked back to your profile.

Capturing more leads only works if those leads are qualified. By using an FBR Review Profile, you can be sure the leads coming to you understand what your company is about, your franchise requirements, and most importantly, why your franchisees have rated you a top brand.

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