Candidate Surveys

Stop Guessing. Start Converting.

Have your development efforts hit a wall? Is your marketing bringing in leads that don’t convert? Are candidate conversations resulting in dead ends?

What’s going on?

Before you spend countless hours analyzing sales trends and crunching marketing numbers, why not just ask?

Candidate surveys identify disconnects in your development process with short, targeted questions designed to uncover the real reasons candidates decide not to join your system (and even help you revive some of those leads you thought were dead.)

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The process is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Determine what questions you want to ask, or choose from our standard questions. (We can also help you customize questions.)
  2. Send us your contact list and we do all the survey administration work.
  3. We analyze the results and provide you with a custom report, as well as access to individual responses, to help you identify areas of missed opportunity and where your sales funnel is leaking.

“With Franchise Business Review, we are able to benchmark Snap-on against our past performance and hundreds of other systems as well. With the use of rapid continuous improvement, Franchise Business Review helps us improve our system.”


Barrie Young, President, Sales & Franchising, Snap-on Tools

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