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Your one-stop-shop for tools, templates, whitepapers, videos, webinars and more to increase franchisee satisfaction and employee engagement to improve performance and accelerate growth. It’s all the resources you could possibly need, organized in one, easy-to-find place.


  • 7 Danger Zones to Franchise Performance Presentation

7 Danger Zones of Franchise Performance

Each year, Franchise Business Review surveys thousands of franchise owners to benchmark satisfaction in the areas most critical to franchise performance. This year’s data revealed seven surprising “danger zones” that negatively impact system success.

  • Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness in Franchising Checklist

With more organizations focused on creating a positive culture, there is a place for kindness in business, and we’re here to promote and celebrate those that spread kindness. With that in mind, we created our “Random Acts of Kindness in Franchising” checklist to recognize those little things that make a big difference.

  • Franchising@WORK Awards Official Entry Kit

Franchising@WORK Awards Entry Kit

Franchise Business Review's Franchising@WORK Awards honor franchise companies that have created an outstanding workplace culture and that make employee engagement a top business priority. Download the official Franchising@WORK Awards Entry Kit to find out how to qualify.

  • Franchising Content Calendar 2024

Franchising Content Calendar

Content marketing is a must for so many reasons - brand awareness, thought leadership, customer engagement, and of course, SEO. But without thoughtful advance planning, it can be challenging to keep all the moving parts of your content strategy on track. This free, customizable franchising editorial calendar will help you plan your content strategy for the year and keep track of key dates and events for pushing out your content.

  • Two Men and a Truck franchise

We Asked a Franchisee How He Chose a Franchise Brand: Here’s What He Said

Franchise Business Review interviewed Chris Willems, who invested in a Two Men And A Truck franchise. Chris shares how Franchise Business Review’s research played a major role in his due diligence process and ultimately led him to select Two Men And A Truck from the 10 brands he was considering.

  • 2023 Franchising@WORK Presentation

2023 Franchising@WORK Key Findings

Watch the presentation of the key findings from the 2023 Franchising@WORK Employee Engagement study of over 6,000 franchise employees.

  • 2023 Franchising@WORK Report

Franchising@WORK Report

Download the annual Franchising@WORK Study for key findings and industry benchmarks around job satisfaction, company culture, and employee engagement within the franchise sector.

  • The Advisory Board Podcast: How Trust Impacts the Bottom Line in Franchising

How Trust Impacts the Bottom Line in Franchising

Dave Hansen of Client Tether and FBR president & COO Michelle Rowan dig into the complexities of the franchisee-franchisor relationship and why trust is the most important thing for franchisors to get right.

  • Promoting Diversity in Franchising

Promoting Diversity in Franchising

Download these tips to find out how you can combat barriers to diversity in franchising and promote the economic power of franchising to diverse entrepreneurs and communities.

  • Franchise Hiring Guide

Franchise Hiring Guide

Top talent is getting harder to find and even harder to retain. If employee recruitment and retention are a concern for your franchise organization, this hiring guide is a must-read to make sure your hiring and retention strategies outperform other companies competing for the best employees.

  • Franchising@WORK 2022 Presentation

2022 Franchising@WORK Presentation

What has had the biggest impact on employee engagement & retention in the franchise sector in 2022? Watch now for the detailed findings from nearly 5,500 corporate franchise employees.

  • Crash Course in Franchising

A Crash Course in the World of Franchising

This industry primer was created to introduce newcomers to the world of franchising, with tips and pointers to help get up to speed quickly on everything franchising.

  • Franchising Outlook 2022

Franchising Outlook 2022: FBR Industry Report

FBR surveyed nearly 30,000 franchise business owners, thousands of corporate and unit-level employees, and hundreds of franchise leaders to fully understand the current state of franchising and expectations for growth of the franchise sector in 2022.

  • Industry Report: Most Profitable Franchises

FBR Industry Report: Most Profitable Franchises 2021

Franchise Business Review surveyed nearly 30,000 franchise owners to find out if their businesses are meeting their financial expectations and which franchises present the most profitable opportunities for would-be franchisees. Download the free report.

  • Franchise Operations Experts Webinar

Strategies & Advice for Optimizing Your Franchise Operations

In this webinar, hosted by FranConnect, a standout panel of Franchise Operations experts share data-driven insights and best practices gleaned from a lifetime of coaching franchisors on driving franchisee performance and satisfaction, ensuring franchisee compliance and creating engagement and alignment.

  • FBR Industry Report: Food Franchises

FBR Industry Report: Food Franchises 2021

See the key findings and takeaways from FBR's 2021 franchisee satisfaction research into the food franchise sector based on surveys of over 10,220 franchise owners.

  • Franchise peer groups workbook

Increasing Franchisee Engagement Through Peer Groups

This workbook is for franchisors who want to use peer groups as an effective tool to begin, enhance, regain, improve, or maintain franchisee engagement in order to achieve measurable results in their franchise system.

  • Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) Workbook

Building a Franchise Advisory Council That Gets Results

Franchise Advisory Councils are a critical business and relationship-building tool: They build franchisee loyalty and trust, increase support and buy-in to corporate initiatives, create better programs, and minimize resistance to change. This workbook is for franchisors who are considering creating an (FAC) but aren’t sure where or how to start.

  • FBR Franchisee Satisfaction Awards Video

What It Means to Be an FBR Award Winning Brand

Being named a 2021 Top Franchise is an objective, third-party endorsement of the franchise brands that have stepped up to provide EXCEPTIONAL support and leadership during the crises this year. Watch now to see what it means to be an FBR Franchisee Satisfaction Award Winner.

  • Business Plan eBook

Franchise Business Plan eBook

As the franchising environment changes, now, more than ever, it's important to help franchisees create effective franchise business plans. This eBook equips you with everything you need to get started and provide proactive support.

Franchise Employee Culture in the New Normal

As the country continues to reopen or increase restrictions again amidst the ongoing pandemic, what are the big takeaways for franchise companies? FBR talks with franchisors two franchisors to learn how they responded, how they adapted their communication and culture while the country was mostly in lock down, and how employee engagement data can be used to improve employee relations as we move forward.

  • Shoes Arrow

Disrupting the Lifecycle

Franchisee validation is a clear and measurable indicator of operational soundness; however, the typical franchisee lifecycle shows that a new franchisee’s satisfaction usually declines after a few years – which can negatively affect validation and franchise sales. Learn unique approaches franchisors are taking to mitigate or break the franchisee lifecycle and turn those programs (and their franchisees) into a development tool.

  • innovation+in+franchising

How Innovation Can Drive Sales and Profitability

In these live case studies, learn how forward-thinking brands are using operational innovation as a differentiator to bring in more candidates, award more franchises, and ultimately, drive unit-level profitability.

  • Stars+in+alignment

Bringing Your Ops and Development Stars into Alignment

Operations and development don’t always go hand in hand. In practice, however, these two functions need to be closely aligned to create a positive and profitable culture. This session brings together brand leaders from both sides of the house to share strategies and best practices for aligning their teams.

15-Minute Franchise Crash Courses

Want to learn how some of the most successful companies in franchising achieving top performance? Watch these free franchise crash courses for practical tips and real-life examples you can easily implement in your own system.

  • Checkmark

Franchise Report Card

Franchise companies only achieve sustainable success and growth when their franchisees are satisfied with their performance. And the most satisfied franchisees feel that their franchisor is invested in their personal success. If you want to build a system where everyone wins, you need an action plan. That means understanding what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Start by downloading this free franchise report card to rate your system.

357 Franchise Field Audit Questions

Are you looking for inspiration on your field audit questions? Download FranchiseBlast's "357 franchise field audit questions" now including Customer Service, Marketing, Food Safety and Quality, Cleanliness and Management.

Women in Franchising 2019 Infographic

Franchise Business Review compiled survey feedback collected over 18 months from 8.,800 female franchisees representing 266 franchise brands. 88% of female franchisees say they enjoy operating their business. Learn what the data shows about flexibility, financial expectations, income, and more.

  • Creating a Positive Culture in Franchising

Creating a Positive Culture in Franchising

This whitepaper by Roger McCoy, Franchise Business Consultant at Direct Energy, explores what determines an organization's culture, why franchises are even more dependent on culture than other business models, the foundations required for building a positive culture, and the role of franchise leadership in creating a positive culture that in order to drive productivity and profitability.

  • women in franchising

Women in Franchising 2018 Infographic

Franchise Business Review compiled survey feedback collected over 18 months from 5,723 female franchisees representing 240 franchise brands. Overall, female franchisees overall say their work/life is balanced or very balanced.

Franchisee Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line: Real-World Case Studies

We often hear that the data we provide has helped our clients identify key issues among their franchisees, but it can sometimes be difficult to put an operational value on tracking franchisee attitudes. In this webinar, we speak with three franchisors about how moving the needle on satisfaction has also helped them grow their brand, both in same-store sales and new development.

Councils, Committees, and Advocates: Best Practices for Leveraging Franchisee Input and Rolling Out Changes

A system with 500 franchisees handles communications very differently than one with 25, but regardless of size, franchisees demand that their voices be heard and respected -- and rightfully so. Still, finding the optimal strategy to solicit feedback, make decisions, and roll out changes while making sure everyone feels represented can be extremely difficult for any brand. Our panelists discuss how a brand of any size can create efficient, open communication channels to keep both franchisor and franchisees happy.

  • Group of people at a table with a Bar Graph Growth Moving Up Improvement Concept

Rising Tides: How Sharing Unit Level Data System-Wide Benefits Everyone

We've often discussed the importance of collecting and analyzing unit-level data to help franchisees improve their profitability and grow their bottom line. This time, we focus specifically on WHY it's important not just to collect the data, but to share it with the entire system. Our panelists discuss what they share, how they overcome franchisee pushback, and what benefits they've seen by making this data available system-wide.

Tech Talk: Implementing the Right Technology at the Right Time for Your Franchisees

If every franchise brand had a fully integrated, customized, easy to use, modular, cost-effective technology platform for their franchisees, operations would run very smoothly. Unfortunately, the perfect tech options seem too expensive for the brands that need them most and the questions involved with moving from one platform to another can quickly halt a much-needed upgrade. In this webinar, we speak with panelists who can clarify how to make the choice in platforms, when to make the investment, and the most seamless ways to roll out a new system.

  • binoculars representing transparency in franchising practices

Creating Franchisee Vision Plans (and Aligning Them with the CEO’s Vision)

Franchisees are motivated by the potential to realize their dreams. Unfortunately, it can become very easy to lose sight of the long-term goals while dealing with the short-term challenges within the business. Working with franchisees to put their vision in writing can help them to stick to it and track their own progress, and helps YOU to make sure their vision stays aligned with the brand's so that both parties are working toward common goals.

The Tipping Point: Best Practices for Closing Franchise Deals

You’ve nurtured ideal franchisees all the way through the sales pipeline; now all that’s left is to sign on the dotted line. This webinar will take you through practical strategies for closing franchise deals, including using discovery days and shadow programs, why you should reveal the good AND the bad to candidates, tools (checklists, templates, FAQs) to speed up validation, and how to deal with candidates who sabotage the validation process.

Wooing the Sophisticated Multi-Unit Franchisee

Today 55% of the franchise industry is controlled by multi-unit unit operators. But landing a multi-unit operator can sometimes feel like reeling in a whale. This webinar will help you better understand what sophisticated multi-unit candidates look for when seeking a brand and how they evaluate it. You’ll learn tips and techniques for adapting your development process to multi-unit candidates and how to make your brand more attractive to the lenders that finance them.

  • lead generation

Attracting Better (Not More) Candidates: Finding the Right Franchisees

Everyone wants more leads, but increasing the number of leads coming in doesn’t do you any good unless they’re quality leads. Listen to franchise development experts share their experience about what works best, tactics for marketing your brand to candidates, how to get more referrals, and how to convert more leads by being transparent throughout the sales process.

What Story Is Your Item 19 Telling?

More than ever, savvy franchise buyers are honing in on your FDD’s Item 19. After all, it’s the closest they can get to answering the burning question, “How much money can I expect to make?” FBR's President & COO Michelle Rowan shares three need-to-know tips to make your Item 19 accurate and engaging.

  • Emerging Brands: Franchisee Satisfaction

Franchisee Satisfaction Data Among Emerging Brands

Looking at franchisee satisfaction data spanning a recent 18-month period, franchisees of Emerging brands showed a more positive sentiment in several key areas compared to all franchise owners Franchise Business Review surveyed.

  • Top Quartile Performance 2018

The Link Between Franchisee Satisfaction and Performance

Franchise Business Review's data shows that brands with high franchisee satisfaction drastically outperform brands with low satisfaction on every key performance metric. This graphic illustrates the gap between brands in the top quartile of satisfaction and brands in the bottom quartile in annual unit growth, royalty revenue, franchisee turnover, and franchisee income.

  • Discovery Days tips

5 Creative Ideas for Discovery Days

Discovery days are an integral part of every brand’s development process. FBR's President & COO Michelle Rowan shares shares the top five creative ideas shared by leaders from: Smoothie King, Mathnasium, College Hunks Hauling Junk, Right at Home, and InXpress in FBR's Development Webinar Series.

  • 5-Minute Friday Tips

4 Warning Signs of Franchisee Dissatisfaction

Using the data Franchise Business Review has collected from over 1,100 franchise brands, we've identified four warning signs that indicate that your franchisees are unhappy or disengaged - which means your system is at risk. FBR's Michael Kupfer talks about what you need to watch out for.

Three Things All CEOs Need to Know

The most successful CEOs lead by taking cues from what their franchisees are saying. Learn the three things that ALL CEOs should be doing if they truly care about the health and wealth of their system.

  • Item 19

3 Ways You’re Wasting Money

Nobody likes to waste money, but time and again, we see franchisors making simple mistakes that are costing them. In under three minutes, FBR's President & COO Michelle Rowan shares three ways you could be losing money - without even knowing it. Watch now to find out if your system is at risk and learn how to fix it.

  • Attracting More Multi-Unit Franchisees Video

4 Ways to Attract More Multi-Unit Franchisees

Attracting multi-unit franchisees isn’t as simple as just saying you want them. Michelle Rowan, President & COO of Franchise Business Review shares four ways our most successful clients are bringing more multi-unit owners into their system.

  • 5-Minute Friday Tips

5 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Boost Growth: 5-Minute Fridays

Franchisee satisfaction can have a direct impact on your bottom line - but it doesn’t have to cost you a lot. FBR's President and COO, Michelle Rowan, shares five easy tips that don't require a budget to help you boost the growth of your franchise system.

  • franchise leads

Quiz: Find Your Perfect Franchisee Match

Is your current lead strategy getting you a million first dates, but no commitment? Do your leads seem great online but turn out to be duds? Are they putting out the vibe that they’re interested but never return your calls? Take our two-minute quiz to find out if your lead strategies are getting you to the final commitment ceremony or you’re losing out on great relationships.

  • Michelle Rowan, Franchise Business Review

Data Sharing as the New Franchise Industry Standard

Franchise candidates today expect transparency. They want access to data early on when researching franchise opportunities. In under five minutes, FBR President & COO Michelle Rowan shares TWO tips for leveraging franchisee satisfaction data online to give candidates the information they expect - AND speed up your development efforts.

  • Re-Engaging Senior Franchisees FBR 5-Minute Fridays

Re-Engaging Senior Franchisees: 5-Minute Fridays

It's no secret that franchise owners' performance plateaus over the years. So how do you keep them engaged? FBR's CEO, Eric Stites, shares the most common challenges facing franchisors and tips for re-engaging senior franchisees in this short 5-minute video.

  • franchisee satisfaction 101

Franchisee Satisfaction 101: 5-Minute Fridays

Want to learn how to start building better relationships with your franchisees? In under five minutes, FBR President Michelle Rowan shares two things you can do RIGHT NOW to build trust and start winning over your franchisees.

  • Golden Corral Franchise

Case Study: Golden Corral’s Golden Ticket

Learn how the Golden Corral franchise system more than doubled its franchisee satisfaction survey participation - and lived up to its commitment to giving its operators a voice - by partnering with Franchise Business Review.

  • Women in Franchising

Women in Franchising

Franchise Business Review asked the franchise industry to nominate the women leading the way in franchising through exceptional leadership, knowledge, and creativity. This special report highlights some of the nominations we received, along with franchisee satisfaction data around women franchisees, resources, and advice from franchisors on building a more profitable system.

  • Infographic: What a Typical Multi-Unit Franchisee Looks Like

Infographic: What a Typical Multi-Unit Franchisee Looks Like

This infographic captures data from Franchise Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction research on the top 50 multi-unit franchises for 2017. The research is based on surveys of 9,125 multi-unit franchisees representing 317 franchise brands.

5 Tips for Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Whether the thought of analyzing data fills you with dread, or you just don’t know where to start, this 30-minute webinar will help even the most data-phobic franchisor understand how to use your data to drive your strategic efforts and start outperforming your competitors.

  • franchisee happiness

eBook: The [Franchise] Happiness Project

If you can commit to focusing on one area to work on each month and embedding it into your corporate culture, you may find that a step-by-step approach to change can end up making a big difference. This eBook lay out 12 best practices you can implement over the course of a year to increase satisfaction and improve productivity.

  • franchisee satisfaction consulting

Maximizing Franchise Advisory Councils

There is an art to properly running a Franchise Advisory Council. Download this whitepaper from Ingage Consulting to learn how you can maximize the effectiveness of your council.

  • Do your franchisees love you?

Quiz: Do Your Franchisees Love You?

Do you really know how your franchisees are feeling… or saying to your franchise candidates? Take this two-minute quiz to find out if your franchisees really love the brand or if you’ve still got some work to do.

New Ideas to Close More Franchise Deals

Closing deals with prospective franchisees doesn’t have to take up valuable time and resources. In this 30-minute webinar, learn five tips for closing deals more easily and efficiently.

  • High-Performing Business Development for Franchisors

High-Performing Business Development for Franchisors

In this special report, franchisors share their development challenges and how they’ve addressed them to improve performance. In addition, it features practical advice and tools to help you attract better candidates and close more deals with the right franchisees.

  • Tips for Emerging Brands

Five Tips for Emerging Brands

Grow your brand the right way. Learn what top emerging brands are doing to grow their brands and cash in on franchisee satisfaction--and how you can, too.

  • hand drawing check box on a white background

Research Supplier Checklist

Make sure you’re getting the most for your research investment. Ask research firms the right questions and compare them equally to find the best one for your franchise system. This handy checklist will help you track the services offered.

  • Donatos Franchise Location

Donatos’ Missing Piece of the Pie

Learn how Donatos partnered with Franchise Business Review to see how how they stacked up against their competitors and make a measurable impact on system performance.

  • Marco's Pizza franchise

How Marco’s Pizza Has Achieved Revenue Growth of 23.5%

Marco’s Pizza opened 113 stores in 2015, with revenue growth of 23.5% over the previous year. President and Chief Operating Officer, Bryon Stephens, shares some of the strategic revenue boosting approaches the brand has taken.

The 2016 Smart Ideas Project

FBR Insights, Issue No. 1, Spring 2016 We asked franchisors across North America to share the innovative ways they’re moving the needle on franchise performance. Our goal was simple: to gather the collective brainpower across top franchise brands and share as many smart ideas as possible on ways to improve business performance. The results are compiled here in the 2016 Smart Ideas project, the first in our series of reports for exclusively for franchise professionals.

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