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The CEO’s Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Positive Culture in Franchising

Business culture exists in every company, whether it’s managed effectively by the leadership team, or is the result of neglect. But despite its critical importance, culture is frequently overlooked by leadership, and the result is a lack of clarity and purpose. This eBook examines the three foundational components of a positive franchise culture—and provides practical advice for franchise leadership teams for creating and maintaining a culture that leads to greater productivity and profitability.

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Creating a Positive Culture in Franchising

This whitepaper by Roger McCoy, Franchise Business Consultant at Direct Energy, explores what determines an organization’s culture, why franchises are even more dependent on culture than other business models, the foundations required for building a positive culture, and the role of franchise leadership in creating a positive culture that in order to drive productivity and profitability.

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Women in Franchising 2018 Infographic

Franchise Business Review compiled survey feedback collected over 18 months from 5,723 female franchisees representing 240 franchise brands. Overall, female franchisees overall say their work/life is balanced or very balanced.

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Franchisee Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line: Real-World Case Studies

We often hear that the data we provide has helped our clients identify key issues among their franchisees, but it can sometimes be difficult to put an operational value on tracking franchisee attitudes. In this webinar, we speak with three franchisors about how moving the needle on satisfaction has also helped them grow their brand, both in same-store sales and new development.

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