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Franchise Employee Culture in the New Normal

As the country continues to reopen or increase restrictions again amidst the ongoing pandemic, what are the big takeaways for franchise companies? FBR talks with franchisors two franchisors to learn how they responded, how they adapted their communication and culture while the country was mostly in lock down, and how employee engagement data can be used to improve employee relations as we move forward.

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Disrupting the Lifecycle

Franchisee validation is a clear and measurable indicator of operational soundness; however, the typical franchisee lifecycle shows that a new franchisee’s satisfaction usually declines after a few years – which can negatively affect validation and franchise sales.
Learn unique approaches franchisors are taking to mitigate or break the franchisee lifecycle and turn those programs (and their franchisees) into a development tool.

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Bringing Your Ops and Development Stars into Alignment

Operations and development don’t always go hand in hand. In practice, however, these two functions need to be closely aligned to create a positive and profitable culture. This session brings together brand leaders from both sides of the house to share strategies and best practices for aligning their teams.

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