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Published October 27, 2016

Donatos’ Missing Piece of the Pie

The fast casual pizza segment is packed with brands vying to stand out. With a 40% market share in the Columbus, OH area, Donatos has successfully dominated the pizza segment in its target market. When the company rolled out plans to expand beyond their core market, they needed to make sure they chose franchise partners who fit with their mission.

CHALLENGE: Internal survey was costly, inefficient, and lacked benchmarks.

Tim Young, Director of Franchise Operations at Donatos, knew that asking existing franchise partners was the best way to find out how they viewed the organization. Donatos conducted an in-house survey of their franchise partners, but soon realized the administrative and labor costs were higher than expected.

We thought surveying our franchise partners ourselves would be quick and cost-effective,” Young says. “And, we forgot one critical piece: without industry benchmarking data we had no way of knowing how we stacked up against our competitors.

By partnering with Franchise Business Review, Young was able to save time and money, and it gave Donatos’ leadership team insight into how they compared against other brands in franchisee satisfaction.

The Recipe for Success

Donatos was able to tie survey results directly to system performance by partnering with FBR to gain access to:

  • Satisfaction research data on over 1,100 brands
  • Benchmarking against the food sector and franchises overall
  • Time and cost savings

Based on the insights from the FBR survey, Donatos implemented a number of improvements, which led to exceptional growth and improved franchisee satisfaction. Since then:

  • Scores nearly doubled in local market competitiveness
  • Senior management effectiveness scores improved by 61%
  • Donatos ranked in the top 20 food franchises

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