Published July 6, 2018

Tech Talk: Implementing the Right Technology at the Right Time for Your Franchisees

If every franchise brand had a fully integrated, customized, easy to use, modular, cost-effective technology platform for their franchisees, operations would run very smoothly. Unfortunately, the perfect tech options seem too expensive for the brands that need them most and the questions involved with moving from one platform to another can quickly halt a much-needed upgrade. In this webinar, we speak with panelists who can clarify how to make the choice in technology platforms for franchises, when to make the investment, and the most seamless ways to roll out a new system.


  • Stan Friedman, President, FRM Solutions
  • Rebecca Monet, President & Chief Scientist, Zoracle Profiles
  • Donnie Carr, Director of Franchise Performance, Christian Brothers Automotive

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