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Published March 18, 2024

The Value of Having Franchise Operations Teams at Franchise Events

The 3 reasons your whole franchise operations team should attend the FBR Summit.

There is tremendous value in having your franchise operations team attend industry events – and yes, we meant teams.

Your operations team is the group of people within your system that often work the closest with your franchisees.

Happy, profitable franchise owners are the key to overall franchise company success. With happier franchise owners, your franchise system experiences higher royalties, healthier franchisee lifecycles, and better validators for your recruitment.

Having your operations professionals gather ideas, action steps, and motivation from franchise events is a powerful way to implement results for your franchise owners and in turn, your company overall.

One of the most important franchise events for franchise operations teams is the FBR Summit. The 2024 event is hosted in Denver, CO on October 22-24. Register your team now!

Now — let’s dig deeper into the value of having your franchise operations teams attend industry events:

More (and Faster) Implementation In Your System

The biggest win from having operations team members attend events is how much faster the learnings from the conference will get implemented in your organization.

Typically, we see presidents or C-Suite executives attending events. Still, one of the biggest challenges is getting valuable information from them to the people who will be carrying out the actionable learnings.

When franchise operations teams attend events themselves, they can prepare for the new ideas they’ll gather, have action steps ready to go, and get the great ideas from that event into play faster.

Having your franchise operations team attend ensures more implementation and action from the conference and a faster, smoother process once everyone returns from the event.

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Professional Development and Retention

Professional development is a great way to improve your team’s retention. Showing faith in your team members and ownership in their department helps them feel valued.

The valuable sessions at events like the FBR Summit are designed for franchise operations team members, from panels on topics like change management, supporting multi-unit owners, and coaching owners on marketing.

Sending your franchise operations team to events like these is also a great way to provide professional development without building the infrastructure yourself.

Leadership teams in franchise brands rarely have the time, skillset, and capacity to offer in-house development for operations, so events are a great way to give your operations team members opportunities.

Another excellent resource for professional development for operations teams? The ACademy courses and certification.

The AC Inc Team will be presenting the session, Are You REALLY Coaching Your Franchisees? at the FBR Summit in Denver, October 22-24. Join us to to learn how your team can transform your franchisee support from reactive to strategic coaching. Don’t miss it!

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Creates New Ideas and System Improvements

You need new ideas and improvements to create more success in your franchise system. We only fail when we stop improving!

A big part of bringing new ideas to the table is to have different roles within your system—like your Field Coaches—learn from each other and bring ideas back to your company.

Field Coaches especially, as they are the role that directly supports and coaches your franchise owners, are crucial to improving your company as a whole.

Having these Operations team members attend events helps drive growth, increases motivation, and brings new ideas to the table.

Have more questions about field coaching and franchisee support? Connect with the AC Inc. team at and we hope to see you at the FBR Summit!

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