• Franchising@WORK Awards Official Entyr Kit

Franchising@WORK Awards Entry Kit

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Franchise Business Review's Franchising@WORK Awards honor franchise companies that have created an outstanding workplace culture and that make employee engagement a top business priority. Download the official Franchising@WORK Awards Entry Kit to find out how to qualify.

  • Franchise Hiring Guide

Franchise Hiring Guide

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Top talent is getting harder to find and even harder to retain. If employee recruitment and retention are a concern for your franchise organization, this hiring guide is a must-read to make sure your hiring and retention strategies outperform other companies competing for the best employees.

  • Showing Gratitude to Employees with a thank you note

7 Simple Ways to Build Employee Engagement

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FBR's employee engagement research has shown that a quarter of all franchise employees (25%) don’t feel that they receive the recognition they deserve. Here are seven simple ideas can help you show your employees you care to build engagement and retain your top employees.

  • Roadblock to Employee Engagement

5 Roadblocks to Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is important to the success (or survival) of an organization, and while it’s become increasingly hard to foster engagement when some (or all) of your team is remote, it’s also more important than ever in helping to retain your top talent.

  • Woman on phone in home office

Two-Way Communication: Making Sure Employees and Franchisees Are Heard During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Most of us are aware that communicating - and communicating quickly and often - is critical in times of crisis. But while most of us are focused on outbound communication to employees, franchisees and customers, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that communication is a two-way street. Learn how to ensure you have a plan for franchisees and employees to communicate their needs and concerns to you.