Franchise peer groups workbook
Published July 15, 2021

Increasing Franchisee Engagement Through Peer Groups

Peer groups, also called performance groups, are a critical franchise system business tool, particularly for mature brands that are looking for ongoing ways to support their franchisees.

But surprisingly, based on talking with franchisors from the more than 1,100 brands we’ve worked with, less than half of franchise brands have peer groups in place today.

This workbook is for franchisors who want to use this proven approach to begin, enhance, regain, improve, or maintain franchisee engagement in order to achieve measurable results and take your business to the next level.

The workbook walks you step-by-step how to:

  • Implement a peer group program that will inspire and motivate all franchisees, including those already successful and mature franchisees, and give them the tools to take their businesses to an even higher level.
  • Create a peer group format that encourages participation, learning, and actionable results.
  • Track and measure effectiveness over time as your system grows and matures, and ensure accountability.

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