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Published October 30, 2023

Reflections on FLDC from a Franchising Newcomer

My three biggest takeaways as a first-timer. 

In mid-October, I ventured into the world of franchising, embarking on a new career path, and jumped in with two feet at the Franchise Leadership and Development Conference (FLDC). Stepping into this unfamiliar territory was initially daunting, but my confidence in networking and connecting with decision-makers eased my anxiety. The warm reception I received from the legends at FBR made it all the more special.

The conference proved to be a whirlwind of fresh faces, new connections, and plenty of laughter. I’d heard that franchising was like a big, welcoming family, and this sentiment rang true. I engaged in conversations with keynote speakers, conference organizers, and seasoned industry professionals who welcomed my rookie status with open arms.

As a newcomer, the focused breakout sessions provided valuable insights into the state of franchising, and I thought I’d share some of my biggest takeaways:

1. FLDC 2023Continued growth: Franchising is on an upward trajectory, as every brand at FLDC was either meeting or exceeding their new opening targets. Business ownership has become an attractive option for individuals who miss the freedom of working from home, especially in the post-pandemic era.

2. Adapting to the “New Normal”: Franchisors are evolving their systems to align with the “new normal.” They are more responsive to the fluctuating needs of franchisees, particularly as the cost of goods and services remains variable.

3. Enhanced franchisee connectivity: Franchisee satisfaction is rebounding in the post-pandemic landscape. This resurgence can be attributed to franchisors dedicating time to surveying and addressing concerns. Successful brands treat their franchisees as true partners rather than mere sources of income.

As FLDC reached its pinnacle with the STAR Awards, the sense of camaraderie among attendees only grew. From my vantage point, surrounded by newfound contacts who had quickly become friends, I witnessed a remarkable trend: Every category winner was not only an FBR client but also an internal award recipient. This underscores the strength that comes from being open to learning and growing.

If you’re looking to harness bespoke data for the expansion and support of your network, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and the team at FBR or book a time for a quick demo to see how we can help you harness franchisee satisfaction to move the needle.

If you (or someone on your team) is new to franchising like me, check out FBR’s Crash Course in the World of Franchising.

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About the Author: Mike Conlan

As a client consultant for FBR, Mike guides new clients in how to maximize using the proven tools that FBR has available. A naturally curious person, he’s got great problem solving skills and a drive to learn. As a former wine and spirits sales professional Mike can also give recommendations for the best drink to toast your success after working with FBR. When not working he’s most likely watching his daughter playing sports or performing. Mike lives in Exeter, NH.
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