Tutorial: Accessing FBR Analytics

Now that you have access to FBR’s online analytics reporting tool, you have a powerful mechanism to help you:

  • Quickly identify the areas where your system is thriving and where you need to take action.
  • Compare and benchmark your brand against your specific industry or against all of franchising.
  • Invite candidates to see how your franchisees validate before sharing your FDD

How to Use the Tool

1. Go here to login: http://admin.franchisebusinessreview.com/login.php 

2. Enter your username and password (if you don’t have it, contact Amy Lalime, Client Services Manager)

3. Click the report you want to view in the first tab on the top menu.

4. Click the “Recalculate” button in top menu if it pops up.​

5. Go through each section of the survey using the left menu​ to see how your owners responded with the responses available to them. You can go back and select different sectors to compare your data, or limit the responses based on the filters.​

What You’ll See:

  • Dashboard: Shows you the participation rate of the current survey, top 5 scores, low 5 scores, engagement pie chart, and overview of category scores.
  • Scorecard: Shows each question on our standard survey (blue is high score, red is low score).
  • View Participants: Takes you to each individual review completed. If the franchisee chose to share his or her identity you can see who answered; if not it will say “Anonymous” but allow you into the survey.  Click the “View” link on the right side and it will take you to their multiple choice answers, and any comments they provided in each section of the survey.
  • Sectors: Use the SECTORS button at the top to compare to your sector or overall industry data. This happens in real time, so the numbers may vary from what is in the presentation or static .pdf reports you receive.
  • Filters: Use the FILTERS tab to look at data in your territory, or by tenure, geography, etc.
  •  FSI score: Your FSI score is a reference point or benchmark to help gauge and track the overall level of franchisee satisfaction or satisfaction in a specific area. You can learn more about how FSI scores are calculated here.

Click here to watch step-by=step videos on how to use the tool.

Have Questions?

Contact Amy Lalime

Client Services Manager

[email protected]