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It’s no big secret that franchisees expect that their voices will be heard and respected. They made a significant investment in your brand, and while most understand that they bought into your system of doing things, as business owners their input should be represented.

Finding the right way to solicit feedback, and make decisions – while making sure everyone feels represented – can be extremely difficult. But, if you don’t, you risk poor validation, resistance to new initiatives, and higher turnover.

Franchisees need to be heard, but more importantly, leveraging their feedback is critical strategy for growing your system.

The Franchising By Design series is a collection of step-by-step workbooks designed to make it easy for franchise companies to implement effective, structured relationship-building programs that emphasize efficient, open and meaningful communication and keep both franchisor and franchisees happy.

Start leveraging your franchisee network for even greater success! Scroll down to learn more and download your workbooks.

Start leveraging your franchisee network for even greater success! Scroll down to learn more and download your workbooks.


Franchising By Design is a way to grow your brand through thoughtful, meaningful interaction with your franchisees. It provides your franchisees with a voice and demonstrates that you value and support them. The ultimate goal is to help every franchise brand be successful by “franchising the right way”.

Each workbook provides you with the strategies, tools, and guidance you need to create an effective franchisee programs that contributes to the success of your network and the overall performance of your brand.

Because every system is different, each program is intended to be customizable to your needs. We provide you with a roadmap, best practices, tactical recommendations, and support and advice to guide you through the process.


Building a Franchise Advisory Council That Gets Results

Franchise Advisory Councils are a critical business and relationship-building tool: They build franchisee loyalty and trust, increase support and buy-in to corporate initiatives, create better programs, and minimize resistance to change. This workbook is for franchisors who are considering creating an (FAC) but aren’t sure where or how to start.

It walks you step-by-step through:

  • What you need to know before implementing an FAC, including defining goals, setting expectations, identifying FAC members, and communicating the plan.
  • Creating the FAC format and agenda, launching, setting ground rules, and managing the process.
  • Keeping the FAC on track, making adjustments, and expanding the opportunity and value over time.

At the conclusion, you’ll have a functioning FAC unique to your system’s structure and goals – a program that fits you.

Franchising by Design Workbook
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Increasing Franchisee Engagement Through Peer Groups

Peer groups, also called performance groups, are a critical franchise system business tool, particularly for mature brands that are looking for ongoing ways to support their franchisees.

But surprisingly, based on talking with franchisors from the more than 1,200 brands we’ve worked with, less than half of franchise brands have peer groups in place today.

This workbook is for franchisors who want to use this proven approach to begin, enhance, regain, improve, or maintain franchisee engagement in order to achieve measurable results and take your business to the next level.

The workbook walks you step-by-step how to:

  • Implement a peer group program that will inspire and motivate all franchisees, including those already successful and mature franchisees, and give them the tools to take their businesses to an even higher level.
  • Create a peer group format that encourages participation, learning, and actionable results.
  • Track and measure effectiveness over time as your system grows and matures, and ensure accountability.
Peer Group Workbook
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