How to Promote Your FBR Content


Now that your content is live, it’s time for you to share it with the world! Clients that have the most success with FBR content, share their content via social networks, email and on their website.

Once your content goes live on the FBR site you will receive an email from the FBR team informing you that your content is ready for promotion. These 10 tips can help you make the most of your content!

1. Share posts. Share and like the FBR Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts via your company pages AND your personal pages to increase your overall impressions and engagement.

2. Post on social media channels. Write your own social posts and post to your company social media platforms and AND personal pages. (Note – if you post to social media we recommend including 2-3 high-quality images.)

3. Tag FBR. Be sure to tag Franchise Business Review so that we can see it and share it, too! Also, tag anyone mentioned in the post. To tag, simply put “@” in front of the business name or person’s name.

4. Use #Hashtags. When you use a relevant hashtag, you can be found by those people searching for that keyword. We recommend #franchising #franchiseawards #franchiseesatisfaction #topfranchises.

5. Ask staff. Get your employees involved. Ask everyone in your organization – corporate employees and your franchisee network – to share the social posts with their friends, family, and professional network.

6. Use email. Write an email to share the content with your entire email list and include it in any company newsletters.

7. Share internally. Post on your intranet or internal, employee and franchisee facing website and include in internal newsletters to build excitement, reinforce your company culture, and celebrate the people in your organization featured in the article.

8. Add to your website. Promote the article on your homepage and/or development website to promote the benefits of becoming part of your franchise system

9. Use smart linking for optimal SEO value. If you’re linking to the sponsored content from an email or your website please hyperlink the targeted keyword. If you have questions on the keywords for your post please ask.

10. Create a dedicated landing page. All articles include a link back to your franchise development website. We recommend you create a dedicated landing page that includes a lead capture form, franchisee satisfaction data, and ideally, an offer to download your FBR Franchisee Satisfaction Summary report. (If you don’t have a summary report, contact us to learn how to get it.)

A final reminder, don’t expect leads from your article to come immediately, or to come directly. The purpose of content marketing is not to generate direct leads; rather the purpose is to create brand awareness and build trust with readers as one component of your overall marketing strategy. The more articles you publish, the greater chance you have of influencing readers and driving traffic to your site over time.

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