Rate Your Franchise System

Franchise companies only achieve sustainable success and growth when their franchisees are satisfied with their performance. And the most satisfied franchisees feel that their franchisor is invested in their personal success.

So how do you build a system in which everyone wins? By putting your franchisees first: building trusting relationships, doing the right thing for your franchisees, and actively measuring how well you’re doing.

FACT: Franchisees typically rate their franchisor 25-30% lower than the franchisor’s expected score.

FACT: Franchisees typically rate their franchisor 25-30% lower than the franchisor’s expected score.


If you want to build a system where everyone wins, you need an action plan. That means understanding what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

report card

Start by using our Report Card to rate your performance in these eight key areas:

1. Training and Support
How well do you execute training, support, and ongoing development for your franchisees? Do they feel you provide them with the tools they need to grow their business?

2. Systems and Operations
Do you provide proven systems and established operating procedures that enable your franchise system to run smoothly, maintain a competitive advantage and help you franchisees achieve greater success over time?

3. Executive Leadership
Do your franchisees feel the leadership team has a clear vision for effectively driving the company forward?

4. Core Values
Do you operate your system with trust, honesty, and respect for franchisees?

5. Franchisee Community
How do your franchisees feel about the relationships they’ve formed within the franchisee community?

6. Franchisee Self-Evaluation
How do you think your franchisees would rate themselves on their performance?

7. Financial Opportunity
Are your franchisees expectations being met when it comes to making a living and earning a reasonable return on their investment?

8. General Satisfaction
General satisfaction is where the rubber meets the road. Has the everyday experience of owning a franchise lived up to the expectation of the franchisees? Would they recommend this franchise to others? And more importantly, would they do it again?


Find out how accurate your score is!

Franchise Business Review can perform an independent survey of your franchisees to find out how they really feel.

It’s free and confidential.

At the end of the survey, we’ll provide you with your Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI) Score to show you how your franchisees rate you and where your brand ranks among other franchises in satisfaction.

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