Survey List Contact Requirements

Please note: Any contact lists that are not submitted in the following format will be returned to you for re-formatting and may delay the launch of your survey. If you need assistance with re-formatting, FBR can help for an additional fee of $150/hour.

  • Excel or CSV format of open and operating franchisees (at least 3 months)
  • Required Fields
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • email
    • address1
    • address2
    • city
    • state (two-letter abbreviation)
    • zip
    • phone
  • Optional Fields
    • dbaName (franchisee’s dba)
    • mobile
    • alternatePhone
    • partnerFirstName
    • partnerLastName
    • partnerEmail
    • partnerMobile
  • Exclude any corporate employee-owned franchises.
  • International companies (not operating franchises in the U.S.) include contactFirst, contactLast, contactEmail, contactCountry only.
  • Remove any duplicate entries, leaving the best contact email and phone number in the list provided.
    • Multi-unit franchisees should only receive one survey (we do ask them how many territories/locations they operate within the survey).
    • Partnerships: FBR recommends you send one survey per partnership. You can choose which partner it goes to, or we can send the link to two email addresses contactEmail & partnerEmail, and whoever completes the survey first closes out the link.

Note: some franchisors want feedback from each partner involved in the business. If this is the case, each franchisee to receive a survey should be listed on the contact list in their own row.