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The [email protected] WORK Awards

If you’re like most franchise business owners, developing your team is your #1 priority. Hiring, training, and retaining employees are never ending activities. Your top talent is by far your greatest asset and your greatest competitive advantage. Are you doing enough to protect them?

That’s why Franchise Business Review developed [email protected], the employee engagement program designed specifically for franchise businesses. Keep a better pulse of your people and quickly identify concerns and trends before they become bigger issues.

Choose from annual, semi-annual, and quarterly programs. FBR will benchmark your employee engagement, and monitor manager and staff performance across all your locations. You’ll gain key insights and understand exactly where to invest your employee training and retention resources.

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Franchise Business Review conducts surveys of corporate franchise employees, franchise owners’ employees, and franchise suppliers employees across North America each year to determine their levels of engagement and satisfaction.

In addition we conduct industry-wide benchmarking research via our annual [email protected] survey and provide aggregate data to help franchise companies understand how their culture, compensation and engagement compare to others.

Franchise companies that participate in our employee engagement surveys or [email protected] research are eligible for the [email protected] Awards – the first and only awards to recognize companies within the franchise sector that have created an engaging and productive workplace culture and whose employees are invested in the performance and success of the company. Only the companies that are rated highest in the industry by the employees themselves are honored with a [email protected] award.

Infographic portraying franchising@work engagement benchmark data
Infographic portraying franchising@work engagement benchmark data

DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE AT A [email protected] AWARD!

If you’ve created an outstanding workplace  culture in the franchise sector, make sure you – and your employees – get the recognition you deserve.

  • Open to U.S. and Canadian-based franchises, franchisees, and suppliers servicing the franchise sector 
  • Gross annual revenues of $1M+
  • Have at least 10 full-time employees

To be eligible for the awards, your employees must participate in Franchise Business Review’s confidential employee engagement survey.