Why should we use FBR instead of doing an internal survey?

At FBR, we believe measuring franchisee satisfaction is critical to improving the operations of any franchise system. Certainly, doing an internal survey is a step in the right direction and puts you ahead of many other franchise systems. 

However, in over 10 years of franchisee satisfaction research, we’ve found that internal surveys have certain limitations and drawbacks.

With a third-party survey like FBR, you’ll typically get a higher response rate, giving you a better representation of your franchisees and more honest feedback. Second, internal surveys won’t give you a frame of reference. We’ve worked with more than 1,100 brands to create  the Franchise Satisfaction Index or FSI. Every franchise company that surveys with FBR receives an FSI score, so you can benchmark your  performance against other franchise brands.

Finally, internal surveys aren’t as meaningful to a potential investor if the data was gathered by you. FBR can help you use your satisfaction data as a sales tool, not just an operational tool.