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Published June 9, 2023

Franchise Culture Matters

Every company has a culture. In most cases it is not planned or developed. It happens accidentally, because over time, companies develop certain habits and work cultures that become prevalent throughout the entire company.

Of course, without thought and planning, most of these cultures are not positive. Every now and then there is the odd duck—a positive culture!—where without much thought or direction companies develop great cultures. But positive cultures rarely just happen. They are almost always planned and developed.

Planning vs. Letting a Culture Happen

Which is more likely to lead you to a strong and powerful culture that will promote a healthy, profitable growing business? A culture that just happens or a culture that is planned?

In my experience, planning your culture and executing towards it is much more likely to help you create a strong culture that helps your business grow and succeed.

Does Culture Really Matter?

According to Gallup’s Q12 client database study of more than 2.7 million workers, companies where employees are engaged have 22% higher profitability compared to companies in the bottom quartile of engagement. And according to studies conducted by Gartner, organizations with “high maturity” cultures (which are adaptable, collaborative, and innovative) are 26% more likely to achieve high business performance.

How do you create a successful culture? It starts by clearly defining what that culture is, and that means having clear company mission and vision statements that clearly define company values. Many companies of course have these things but never think about them or mention them after publishing them on their website. It’s especially important that you ingrain them within the company.

Active Steps to Creating a Positive Franchise Culture

Working with your staff, helping them see the connection between the company’s strategy and values to what they do every day is critical for creating that culture. Rewarding and acknowledging people that exemplify the company culture helps to build strong and powerful muscles within the organization on what good culture is.

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