Published September 22, 2023

Leveraging FBR Awards to Supercharge Your Franchise Marketing 

Here’s how five award-winning brands are showcasing their Franchisee Satisfaction Awards to amp up their marketing and PR strategy. 

Most franchise marketers know that awards are a powerful tool for showcasing their franchise’s achievements and setting their franchise apart from the competition. Winning an FBR Top Franchise Award is a definite game changer when it comes to making an impact on franchise buyers.  

FBR’s Franchisee Satisfaction Awards are more than  just awards; they’re a testament to your franchise’s commitment to quality, satisfaction, and franchisee support. FBR Awards are based on candid feedback from franchisees themselves, making them authentic indicators of franchisee satisfaction and overall performance. 

From social media shoutouts to email campaigns, savvy franchise marketers have found innovative ways to promote their franchisees’ satisfaction and show prospective franchise buyers what they have to offer. 

5 Ways to Use Franchisee Satisfaction Data in Your Marketing Campaigns 

Looking for some creative ideas to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your audience? Check out how some of our award winners tout their franchisee satisfaction ratings.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park uses their FBR awards to show their expertise in the franchising world.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park franchise marketing campaign

Jellystone Park stands out as a smart choice for potential franchisees who seek excellence, reliability, and a thriving partnership. They use their FBR data to ensure consistent performance, embrace innovation, and demonstrate transparency. Highlighting their awards and pointing out that “96% of Jellystone Park franchisees recommend the franchise” shows candidates that they prioritize franchisee satisfaction. 


Sandler uses their FBR award to build buzz and engagement on social media. FBR Awards provide ample content to fuel your social media strategy and make it easy to share your award instantly.

Sandler Training franchise marketing campaign

When you regularly share updates about your awards, franchisee testimonials, and photos from award ceremonies, you encourage your franchisees to share their own stories, creating a sense of community and authenticity that resonates with potential franchisees. 

Dream Vacations 

Dream Vacations highlights their consistent performance with their FBR award on their website.

Dream Vacations Award-Winning Agency Franchise

Earning an FBR award is not a one-time achievement; it’s a testament to consistent excellence. Your franchise’s ability to secure this recognition year after year shows that you’re not just relying on initial success – you’re continuously striving for excellence, adapting to changes, and maintaining high standards. 

Dream Vacations’ consistent performance sets their franchise opportunity apart from those that may experience fluctuations in their quality and service. 

Tip: By incorporating your FBR Awards into your press releases, website content, and marketing materials to showcase your franchise’s excellence and commitment to franchisee success, it builds confidence in your brand.


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK highlights trust and credibility with their FBR award and data on their website.

TWO MEN AN A TRUCK franchise marketing campaign

When potential franchisees see that a franchise has been honored by a reputable organization like FBR, it builds confidence in your brand. Their award and data reflects the genuine satisfaction and positive experiences their franchisees have had. This data-driven approach demonstrates that their franchise doesn’t rely on assumptions or guesswork, but instead, smartly uses concrete insights to shape its operations. 

The Entrepreneur’s Source 

The Entrepreneur’s Source uses their FBR data to highlight improvement areas. 

The Entrepreneur's Source franchise marketing campaign

The Entrepreneur’s Source used FBR to collect data from their franchisor members, showing their commitment to improvement and willingness to listen. This transparency builds trust and reinforces the idea that their franchise values open communication and learning.

With so many creative ways to leverage the insights behind your FBR data, the possibilities are truly endless. Winning an FBR Award offers more than just a graphic to post on your website or a press release; it provides a unique opportunity to amp up or liven up your marketing and PR campaigns and strengthen your franchise’s public image. 

If you want to start using FBR Awards as part of your franchise marketing strategy, it’s easy to get started. We can launch a franchisee survey within 48 hours. There’s no cost to enter. Register here and we’ll be in touch to walk you through the process and get you started on your way to being an FBR award-winning brand.

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