Published February 1, 2023

Owners Wished Franchisors Did These Things Better

As a franchisor, your ultimate goal is to build a strong brand, provide consistent experiences across locations, and support your franchise owners in their efforts to make money. But with so many moving parts, it can be challenging to know where to start.

In the last six months, we interviewed 105 franchise owners and these are some things they wished brands did better to make their lives easier.

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1. Having your SOPs in a binder and large PDFs
No binders, no long PDFs and absolutely no NOT having any SOPs. Owners today want SOPs to be changing, localized, accessible & searchable. 68% of respondents said they struggle in finding information and a whopping 80% said it’s hard for their workers to go through them.

2. Not having a direct chat channel with your owners / Relying on emails as your communication channel
Weekly emails are a thing of the past. More than half the respondents read emails late and 70% got responses on their query through email after more than 48 hours! Communication has to be realtime and more often. Use tools like Slack, Teams or Delightree (built for franchisors to chat with owners) to get this done. One of our customers uses channels to send video announcements every Monday!

3. Training employees with 2 hr long videos and 100 page PDFs / Too much or too little training with archaic tools
Make it easier for your owners to train their team. Everybody is used to searching things when they need them, why not create training which mimics that? More than half our respondents were not satisfied with the training they got from HQ and 75% found it hard to train their employees. Yalcin, who owns 6 QSR locations in Los Angeles, said high worker churn and unstructured training, their ratings took a big hit.

GenZ does not watch and retain long videos, so instead, have your training in short, byte sized content.

4. Doing infrequent in-person inspections (the 3 INs!)
Inspections should be smooth, cheap, and remote! What can be done with using a camera-enabled inspection app, does not need an actual human visit. This makes it easier for the owner, their teams and much better for the brand.

5. Using email or fax for all request orders and administrative forms
Owners don’t want to have to find that form in that email you sent them months ago. Making all your forms accessible and searchable (like on the Delightree app) makes it a breeze for owners to get what they want faster.

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About the Author: Madhulika Mukherjee

CTO of Delightree where they help emerging franchisors with technology that earlier only large brands had. Their app is funded by Accel and helps franchisors build SOPs, mobile training, checklists, forms, communication and more in a modern app. Previously she ran an online review aggregation company Survaider. Based in Austin, when not obsessing over franchises, loves to skate, learn new languages, and explore the best roller coasters.
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