Believe: Ted Lasso
Published November 23, 2021

WWTLD: What Would Ted Lasso Do?

We can all agree that Ted Lasso is truly a gem when it comes to leadership lessons to live by

If you haven’t found the gem that is Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, now is the perfect time to binge seasons 1 and 2! The show has received SEVEN Emmys, inspired some epic Halloween costumes (here’s my nephew’s take on Coach Lasso), and it’s truly a brilliant show full of lovable, flawed characters.

There are lessons to learn: How to lead others, how to create and support teams, and PEOPLE are the heart of everything— in both personal and work relationships. Here are just a few of the gems I want to share as “Ted Lasso’s Core Values” as they apply to franchising:

Takeaways from Ted Lasso

  • Stay optimistic, even when you get knocked down.
    “Believe!” It’s one of the first things Coach puts up on the locker room wall. He focuses on possibilities of teamwork. Every franchise system was under enormous stress through the pandemic. Even if your business model stayed up and saw same (or increased) revenues, the system was dealing with change, communication, and lack of clarity as to what was happening, and when/if it would end and things would return to “normal.” Suppliers, franchisors, and franchisees came together and stayed positive. We all believed we would come out of it stronger than ever. We came together, supporting each other through the tough parts, and celebrating as we emerge from the chaos and thrive.
  • Focus on people first, not outcomes.
    Ted Lasso says, “For me, success is not about the wins and losses. It’s about helping these young fellas be the best versions of themselves on and off the field.” Ten years ago that would have been challenged in the workplace environment focused on profits first. Now business owners are focusing more on their people as hiring and retention becomes crucial to continue thriving. Your team wants to know they are supported and have opportunities to grow. While the old way of doing business was the Coach/Leader of the organization looking at the “W” column, the tides have turned to supporting your people, focusing on the outcomes that make sense for customers, and building your team AND the business to impact long-term success.
  • Show appreciation — it goes a LONG way.
    I have adopted Ted Lasso’s “I appreciate you” that he gives out generously to everyone he encounters during his day. I tell the people I work with, the wait staff I encounter on a night out, the hotel employees that make my stay easier or better… Everyone needs to be reminded we are thankful for them, including our partners and kids at home. So dish it out every opportunity you have. It will affect their energy, and they just might pass it on to someone they encounter, too.

If you like the people around you, you can have fun together as you work hard and celebrate the wins. Maybe more importantly, you can tackle the big stuff and work through the stress and sad stuff together as well. Like Lasso says,”If you care about someone, and you got a little love in your heart, there ain’t nothing you can’t get through together.”

I have watched the whole show twice now, and the second time through was even better. We decided to turn on the subtitles to help us with the variety of British accents and the fast dialog. Give it a try, and know that I appreciate YOU: All of you that have supported me, my team, and Franchise Business Review over the years!

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