Ocean wave - wave of AI in franchising
Published August 11, 2023

Catching the AI Wave in Franchising: A 5-Step Guide by Stay in Your Lane

When I was a kid, I was pretty much a mermaid. Seriously, I could see the ocean from my bedroom in southern California, and I didn’t even realize how rad that was until we moved to Colorado. (Live and learn.)

Though I’m a Colorado girl now, I’ve got a bit of the sea in my veins.

(I suspect I’m at least ½ mermaid.)

My dad was a lifeguard at Jones Beach in New York, and he passed on his love for the sea and water to us kids. He’d load our 1987 blue Volvo wagon up with surfboards, boogie boards, fins, goggles, a mountain of towels, and enough snacks to feed a small army. And, we can’t forget the sunscreen and white zinc for our noses. “Beach Day Prep”, he was good at it. I can still see that Lands’ End bucket bag packed in my mind. It was a production. (And let’s be real, while my dad spearheaded this often, my mom was the snack provider and orchestrator.)

Between epic wave rides, collection of sand crabs, and sand castle sieges, my dad hammered home one crucial lesson to us kids—safety. The ocean was a majestic, powerful force, and it demanded respect. He would tell us this all the time. We had to ride its waves and swim its depths with care, understanding potential risks like rip currents, sharks, jellyfish, and other surfers coming at you.

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Nowadays, I’m riding a different kind of wave—the tidal wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in franchising. It’s got the same sort of power, potential, and peril as the sea. As we dive into it, we need to keep Fred—my dad’s safety lessons in mind. So grab your boogie board—always my preferred method of being in the ocean—or surf board. Let’s catch this AI wave! (A little cheesy, I know.)

1. Strap on Your Leash: Solid Security in AI. When you’re dealing with the power of AI, you need to put security first, just like strapping on your leash before hitting the waves. Look at Samsung’s security hiccup with AI (read about it if you haven’t)—if you don’t want to get swept away, you need a strong security policy for your team. This is the FIRST THING WE SHOULD ALL BE DOING IN FRANCHISING WITH AI! (Yes, I am screaming.)

2. Paddle Out into the Majestic Beast: Use AI for Better Decisions. You can’t learn to surf while standing on the shore and you will never build your AI intuition unless you start using these tools. Open them up, create accounts, play around and start trying stuff. Remember how we learned to judge and predict waves? AI’s predictive analysis does the same for your franchise. It forecasts trends and optimizes processes. Tried Code Interpreter yet? It’s a real game changer for data analysis!

3. Look Forward and Catch the Wave: Streamlined Operations with AI. Just like catching a great wave, AI streamlines your operations. You’ll be riding the crest with unparalleled efficiency in no time. There are many ways to integrate AI to bolster your teams efficiency and create automation throughout your business. Look for those opportunities throughout your company in repetitive tasks, repetitive questions and streamline!

4. Stand Up: Powering Up Emerging Brands with AI. If you’re an emerging brand, AI is like a magic surfboard. It helps you ride high in the franchising ocean, even among the big fish. I have a passion for small scrappy brands that have to act like their marketing or fran dev team of 1-2 is a huge team of 20. AI can literally become another person at the table.

5. Ride to the Shore: Ace Customer Experience & Marketing with AI. As a good wave can make for a great surf, AI can revolutionize your customer service and marketing. Your franchise won’t just make a splash – it will leave a tsunami of a lasting impression. How do you do this? There’s plenty of AI bots that can be trained to answer your questions from your knowledge base.

AI-Mazing: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Take Your Franchise Operations to the Next Level

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At Stay in Your Lane, we’re all about helping you understand how to catch and ride this AI wave.

We can strategize your AI implementation, ensure robust security, and more. But we don’t stop at helping you stay afloat—we’re here to help you ride the wave like a pro, and own your lane.

How, you ask?

  • Group Courses: Dive in with our group courses hosted every six weeks. We navigate the thrilling, sometimes baffling waters of AI together.
  • Enterprise Training: We offer training for your entire company or team.
  • Security Policies: We can help you develop bulletproof security policies for your franchise, so your AI surf adventure doesn’t leave you tumbling.
  • Round Tables: Every other Wednesday, we have our own kind of paddle out… Join us to talk about all things AI.
  • Consulting: Got questions? We’ve got answers. Reach out to us for consulting and advice.

Paddle out here, The water is great.

Contact us if you need help.

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About the Author: Ingrid Schneider

Ingrid Schneider is a branding fanatic and CEO of Stay In Your Lane, a franchise consulting and fractional c-suite organization dedicated to transforming good brands into iconic CULT brands.
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