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Published March 31, 2023

Empowering Franchisees: Why the 90s Called and Want Their Business Practices Back

Picture this: you’re cruising down the street in your Chevy Impala, jamming to the latest Backstreet Boys hit. Life is good, with 90-cent coffee and 50-cent donuts in hand. You roll up to your office, punch your time card, and crack open that massive logbook to start your day. You check the schedule of the workers on a planner with squiggy notes and open a big fat binder to find out if Mary can take a day off.  Wait a minute, just replace 90-cent coffee with $7 and this is exactly how a lot of businesses run today.

You’d be surprised at how many franchise businesses still rely on outdated practices like paper checklists, binders, endless phone calls, and physically driving from one location to another. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Franchisors who empower their franchisees with modern tools from, well, at least this decade, will be much more successful in the long run.

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Here’s how you can bring your franchise operations into the 21st century:

1. Training & Onboarding – Because VHS Tapes Are So 1999

Gone are the days of forcing franchisees to sit through hours of dull, outdated training videos. Instead, take advantage of e-learning platforms and interactive training modules, which allow franchisees to learn and teach their workers at their own pace. Your franchisees will appreciate the convenience and flexibility, and you’ll appreciate their increased competence. 

franchisee onboarding

2. Communication & Collaboration – Carrier Pigeons Need Not Apply

In a world where we can instantly connect with friends, family, and colleagues from anywhere, there’s no excuse for poor communication between franchisors and franchisees. Forget about fax machines and landlines; cloud-based platforms and mobile apps make it easy to foster a collaborative environment that encourages the sharing of best practices and timely problem-solving. Say goodbye to that game of endless thanks and regards on email, and say hello to streamlined, efficient communication.

franchisee communication - fax machine

3. Access to Real-time Information – It’s Like Having a Psychic Business Partner

McKinsey estimates businesses waste 9.3 hours every week looking for information—imagine you’re burning over $8000 every year for every location because employees and owners have to search through hell to find anything.

Now imagine a world where franchise owners are able to tap into your goldmine of real-time intel—at the tip of their fingers. From how-to’s and SOPs, to sales numbers, inventory tracking, or relevant forms. This transformation paves the way for razor-sharp decision-making in daily operations. Imagine that they never have to call you or anyone else to find what they need. The future is now! 

Delightree platform

4. Automating Routine Tasks – Because You’ve Got Better Things to Do

Let’s be honest: no one enjoys spending hours on mundane, repetitive tasks. 

Having checklists, inspections, forms which you will enter into excel grinds everyone’s gears. That’s where automation comes in. By using technology to handle tasks like customer inquiries, employee scheduling, operations workflows franchisees can focus on more important aspects of their business. I’m happy to share more ways you can automate, schedule a time to talk!

5. Performance Benchmarking – Friendly Competition Never Hurt AnyoneFranchisee Performance Benchmarking

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? By comparing franchisee performance against industry benchmarks and other franchisees within the network, you can encourage continuous improvement and drive overall success. With the help of technology, franchisors can gather and analyze performance data, enabling them to set realistic targets and identify areas where franchisees may need additional support. Plus, a little healthy rivalry can work wonders in motivating franchisees to put their best foot forward.

So, there you have it – five simple yet effective ways to empower your franchisees and drag your franchise operations kicking and screaming into the 21st century. After all, the ’90s were great (who doesn’t miss those slap bracelets?), but when it comes to running a successful franchise, it’s time to embrace the future.

And speaking of the future, there’s a certain cutting-edge platform out there that just so happens to offer all these features and more. It’s designed specifically for franchise businesses looking to empower their franchisees and streamline operations—check out the product and get started on your own here.


About the Author: Madhulika Mukherjee

CTO of Delightree where they help emerging franchisors with technology that earlier only large brands had. Their app is funded by Accel and helps franchisors build SOPs, mobile training, checklists, forms, communication and more in a modern app. Previously she ran an online review aggregation company Survaider. Based in Austin, when not obsessing over franchises, loves to skate, learn new languages, and explore the best roller coasters.
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