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Published June 5, 2020

Cultivate a Data-Driven Organization from the Top Down

Why Franchise CEOs Need to Involve Their Teams in Reviewing Franchisee Satisfaction Data

When I first meet with companies, I encourage the core executive team to join. Why? Because understanding franchisee satisfaction affects everyone in the organization. The information and feedback we gather helps to align everyone including:

  • Corporate teams and franchisees
  • Corporate teams and employees
  • Operations, development and marketing teams

No matter what the role in the organization, the data we collect can provide data-driven insights to help you meet your goals. Let’s break it down by team:

1. Presidents and CEOs

Your goals are to increase franchise revenue and profits, while also increasing brand awareness. You may have tried internal surveys, but typically find participation, validation and scores are low.

If you consider using a third party to conduct a franchisee satisfaction survey, you’re more likely to get more honest feedback AND a higher response rate. Additionally, we make it easy to slice and dice data in different ways to identify issues you may not even have known existed.

Ultimately, our franchisee satisfaction research gives you qualitative and quantitative data, based solely on franchisee feedback that can help you identify areas for improvement and align your team on business objectives and priorities. You can also measure the success of your improvement efforts over time and tie them directly to ROI.

2. Franchise Development and Marketing

You task them with selling more franchise units to new and existing franchisees but it’s difficult when you don’t know if your existing franchisees are happy and engaged. Likely you only hear the voices of the loudest few. When you measure franchisee satisfaction across your system, and if you have high satisfaction, it opens the door to opportunities to increase your exposure and sell more franchises. FBR will help you find candidates and close more deals faster by making validation easier.

As part of our work, we recognize top performing brands in every sector – which means you can generate and nurture qualified leads by leveraging it in your PR and marketing, and taking advantage of targeted advertising opportunities.

Also, if you’re growing aggressively, franchisees are spending a lot of time validating with candidates. Sharing the data FBR collects helps alleviate the burden on your franchisees, shows candidates you’re transparent, speeds up the validation process, and helps you close deals quicker than you are today. If you close just one more deal, the survey pays for itself!

3. Operations

We know you want to implement technology upgrades, increase support for your franchisees and you’re always on the lookout to find ways to reduce operational and support costs. We make it easy to understand where franchisees have concerns and additional needs for support—giving you the business intelligence needed to improve operations. And, you can use the data to create KPIs you can hold your team accountable to, and measure improvements and changes being made year over year.

Paul Gerrard at Streamline Brands describes how they use FBR’s surveys data to create a plan for improvement.

At FBR, we can help align your teams and goals simply by measuring franchisee satisfaction. We ask franchisees for feedback, benchmark your system against over 1,200 other brands, and analyze the data for you so you can align development and operations to generate more qualified leads, improve validation, and increase profitability for your system and your franchisees.

I’d love to learn more about your specific goals and grab a few minutes with your team. Your franchisees will be glad you want to hear what they think and you’ll all be better suited to make improvements, convert more leads and move your brand forward. Message me to set up a call!

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About the Author: Michelle Rowan

Michelle is the president of FBR, the former Chair of the International Franchise Association’s Women’s Franchise Committee. and a Certified Franchise Executive. She is the recipient of the 2022 Crystal Compass Award, has facilitated CEO Performance Groups and Executive Networking Groups and is also a mentor of UNH college students. When she is not at work she is usually reading, playing outside, or hanging out with her husband and daughter.
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