Coaching for the Franchisee Lifecycle: Meeting Your Franchisees Where They Are

September 3, 2019

One of the biggest challenges of the franchisee lifecycle is keeping tenured franchisees engaged. Join us at the IFA’s Franchise Operations Conference this fall to learn how successful franchisors are using franchisee satisfaction data to make continuous improvements to their training and support to break franchisees out of their performance plateaus.

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Franchisee Satisfaction as an Operations KPI

August 19, 2019

There is no metric that better predicts success or foreshadows issues within a system than the sentiment of its franchise owners. Measuring and managing franchisee satisfaction is the best way to build a system in which everyone wins.

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6 Creative Ways to Up Your Public Relations Game

August 1, 2019

Are you using your franchisee satisfaction data in your public relations efforts? Looking for some inspiration? Get real-life examples and visuals of how creative franchisors are making satisfaction data the focus of PR and marketing strategies to get attention and edge out the competition.

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357 Audit Questions to Turn Your Compliance Check into a Support Tool

July 30, 2019

Do your franchisees feel supported during compliance checks? Most franchisors will say “no”. But it doesn’t have to be that way! FranchiseBlast has collected 357 franchise audit questions from top franchisors to help you “audit your audit” and elevate the compliance check from an exercise in “catching” franchisees doing something wrong, to “coaching” them to make the business be its best.

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How to Use Social Media to Attract Franchise Candidates

July 23, 2019

Social media has become an indispensable tool in franchise recruiting, with more and more franchise organizations using social platforms to attract new franchisees. With the ability to hone in on the exact type of operators they want to bring on board, franchise organizations are able to save time looking for the right qualified candidates. Meanwhile, prospective franchisees are using social media to research brands. Learn best practices for using social media not just to build brand awareness, but to attract and qualify franchisees.

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8 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Sponsored Content 

June 26, 2019

Sponsored content can be a highly effective tactic to capture the attention and build awareness of your brand – when crafted effectively. If you’re thinking about adding it to your marketing strategy, follow these do’s and don’ts for writing sponsored content that performs well.

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Top 3 Secrets to Innovative Franchise Social Media

May 22, 2019

Creating an impactful social presence isn’t necessarily at the top of the list of business requirements for franchise organizations. Very often, it’s tucked into the “nice to have” category, when in actuality, it should be a must for any franchise that wants to grow. Learn how to instantly improve your outcomes by implementing these three easy strategies for innovative franchise social media.

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Top Considerations for Transferring a Franchise Business

May 21, 2019

Even before franchisees commit to buying into your system, they need to have an exit plan in place. This article explains what franchisees need to consider when transferring a franchise business and the steps they should take when building a succession plan.

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